Note  This article is intended for Minfos Pilot stores only. It contains either new or updated functionality that is not generally available at this time. Please look out for these new features in an upcoming Minfos software release.

Head Offices can generate a list of Centralised Customer Account debtors using this procedure. This report can include results for all Centralised Customer Accounts, or refine the results to a select range. You can also specify an As At Date, or run it as of the last statement date. The Format option offers more detail for aging and exceeded credit.

From Customer Management:

  1. Click the Reports menu and select 3. Debtors & Ageing Reports.

    The Debtors And Ageing Reports window is displayed.

  2. The From Account and To Account text boxes display the name of the first and last account who will be included in the report. Leave the default values in these text boxes to print a list of all your accounts.
  3. The As At Date defaults to the current date. If desired, enter a different date. Alternatively, select the Last Statement Date checkbox to print the report based on your last statement date.
  4. In the Format dropdown menu, click the report you require.

    • 1. Debtors Report – includes Account Name, Amount, Home Phone and Work Phone
    • 2. Aged Debtors – includes additional columns Current, 1 Month, 2 months, and 3 months +
    • 3. Exceeded Credit Report – includes additional columns Limit, Exceeded, and Percentage
  5. Select the Include Zero Bal. checkbox if you wish to include accounts with zero balances in the report.
  6. Click Okay to generate the report.
  7. The Processing window is displayed, followed by the Debtors Report.

  8. Click Print to print the report.

Example reports

Account Debtors Report

Aged Account Debtors Report

Exceeded Credit Report