Minfos integrates with the Our Pills Talk service, which provides a smartphone phone app that can read prescription information aloud. The Our Pills Talk app is designed to assist visually impaired customers, ensuring they are taking their medications correctly. The prescription information can also be translated into most languages, which is a safety benefit for culturally and linguistically diverse customers and their family members. 

Once integrated, you can generate and print a personalised QR code with the dispense label, and (if required) with the repeat authorisation form. The QR code prints on a separate label to ensure its dimensions match the app's requirements. The patient can then use the app on their own smartphone to scan the code, and listen to the prescription information and instructions.

Please note that the QR code must be scanned in the Our Pills Talk app, not directly in the camera app of a smartphone.

Enable Our Pills Talk in Minfos

  1. In Dispense Pro, click the Maintenance tab and click D. Configuration to open Dispense Configuration
  2. Select the Printing/Pricing tab
  3. In the Printing section, tick the Enable Our Pills Talk checkbox
  4. Click OK

Configure printing options

Once the Our Pills Talk integration in Minfos is enabled, you can print the Our Pills Talk QR Code on demand, or set up a customer to print an Our Pills Talk label with every dispensing. The options outlined below will appear when the integration is enabled.

Print on demand (for any customer)

  1. Select the + Print Our Pills Talk label option on the Script Options menu at the end of dispensing
  2. When selected, Minfos will print the QR Code label for the dispensed prescription

Set a specific customer to always print an Our Pills Talk QR Code

  1. On the Customer Editing screen, tick the Print Our Pills Talk label checkbox
  2. For each item dispensed, Minfos will automatically print 
    1.  the dispense label, then 
    2. the Our Pills Talk QR code label
  3. When a script is edited, and the user selects yes to reprint, the script details the Our Pills Talk label will also reprint

Print the Our Pills Talk QR code on the repeat authorisation form

  1. In Dispense Pro, click the Maintenance tab and click G. Repeat options to open Repeat Printing Options
  2. Click the Next button untill you reach the Our Pills Talk QR Code option
  3. Tick the Our Pills Talk QR Code checkbox. It is not recommended that you change the Row, Col, or Width dimensions
Note The Our Pills Talk label requires specific information at a certain size for the app to read. E.g. The QR code minimum size is 25mmx25mm. We recommend that you do not reduce the QR code from the default size in Minfos.

When enabled, the QR code should print on the bottom right hand corner of the repeat authorisation form for all repeats.

Change the type of label

The default label type will be for FRED5 dispense labels. To change:

  1. In Dispense Pro, click the Maintenance menu then click F. Label Option. The Labels Configuration screen will display
  2. In the dropdown menu Choose Label Type, select Our Pills Talk 
  3. In the File Name section, select the label you want to use
  4. Click Okay