You can conveniently auto charge any scripts still waiting at the Till during the End of Day (EOD) process for patients that are in a facility set up for auto invoicing of prescriptions to an account. This saves you from needing to manually invoice the script from the Script Options menu at the end of dispensing.

Auto invoicing can be used for packing patients that use

  1. Onsite blister packing
  2. Third Party Packing Providers, where you are set up as a spoke store and the patients’ scripts are dispensed via Quick Dispense

If you are a hub packing site it is not recommended that you use the auto invoice feature for scripts dispensed via Quick Dispense, as the stock on hand (SOH) will not be adjusted as part of the EOD process.


These conditions must be completed before auto invoicing packing items:

  1. The nursing home is configured for auto invoice
    Refer to Set up Nursing Homes
  2. The patient has an account or has been linked to an account
    Refer to Add a new customer account or Link customer accounts
  3. The patient is assigned to the nursing home
    Refer to Add a Patient to a Nursing Home

Auto invoice for onsite blister packing patients

When a script is dispensed manually to a patient who is in a nursing home configured for auto invoice then as part of the EOD process Minfos will automatically:

  1. Charge the item to the patient's account
  2. Decrease the SOH for these items

Alternatively, you can invoice at the end of dispensing by selecting  X. New Customer from the Script Options menu, or pressing [ESC]. This will charge all scripts you have just dispensed to the customer to their account.

Auto invoice for patients being packed by Third Party Packing Providers

If you use a Third Party Packing provider and dispense these scripts via Quick Dispense then you can configure Minfos to automatically invoice these scripts to the patient’s account and adjust the stock on hand (SOH) accordingly i.e.

  1. Decrease the SOH of the product for non-packed scripts e.g. Ventolin inhaler
  2. Not alter the SOH of the product for packed scripts

To auto invoice

Ensure all prerequisites are met before proceeding, and the scripts have been queued from Minfos Packing or your third party packing software.

From the Dispense Form:

  1. Dispense the script via Quick Dispense. The Queued Scripts button will be active and display the number of queued scripts. In this example, two scripts are queued.
  2. Enter a comma in the Surname field in the Dispense Form.
    Graphical user interface, application, Teams Description automatically generated
  3. The first script in the queue is populated in the Dispense Form.
    Graphical user interface, application

Description automatically generated
  4. Dispense the script, as per your usual process.
  5. Save and process the script.
  6. Leave the scripts waiting at the Till and continue to the next script. With auto invoicing you do not need to select U. Third Party Packing or Z. Pill Box. Instead, as part of the EOD process Minfos will auto invoice them. Scripts will be charged under clerk code Pillbox and will report under the name of the drug, not under the pseudo product Third Party Packing.

Dispensing non-packed items via Quick Dispense

Prior to using this enhancement, check with your packing provider that they use the Non-Pack indicator when queuing a script in Minfos Dispense. If they do not use the indicator, Minfos does not know that the item should be non-packed, and will treat the item as packed i.e. the SOH will not decrease for these items when they are charged as part of EOD. 

If your packing provider does not use the Non-Pack indicator, but does queue non-packed scripts from their system into Minfos, then either:

  • Do not use this feature, and continue to manually charge scripts at the end of dispensing, or
  • Use this feature, but manually charge non-packed scripts at the end of dispensing and leave packed scripts to be auto charged as part of EOD. This will ensure that the SOH is adjusted correctly for non-packed scripts

If you use Minfos Packing, non-packed scripts are not typically queued from Minfos Packing and therefore this should not be a concern.

Manual dispensing rather than via Quick Dispense:

If you manually dispense a script to a pack patient that is set up for auto invoice, manually charge this script to the patient’s pillbox via U. Third Party Packing or Z. Pill Box. If you don’t, the item will auto invoice as part of EOD but the SOH will also be adjusted for the product causing discrepancies in your SOH.

Note When a patient is in a facility configured for auto invoice and if the script is dispensed via Quick Dispense and [ESC] or X. New Customer is selected Minfos will not auto invoice the script to the patient's account.