You can add a note to a Customer Record that will display when the customer is selected in the Dispense Form

You can configure the note to always display, or allow the staff member to stop the prompt displaying again in the future.

Free Text Notes

  • The first line of free text notes is displayed on the Dispense Form in red
  • For messages that are important to the dispenser, but do not need to be recorded in the customer's Dispense History
  • e.g. record customer preferences, such as a dislike of generic medication

Date Stamped Notes

  • Viewable in the Notes tab of the Customer Editing window
  • Record a date specific event
  • e.g. note a medication change
Note You can also record Till Notes which display at the Till. See Customer notes to prompt at the Till

To add a customer note:

1. From the Dispense Form, open the Customer Editing window by clicking the Change f3 button on the bottom left, or pressing [f3] on your keyboard.

2. Click the Notes tab.

You will see sections for 

  1. Free Text Notes, and 
  2. Date Stamped Notes

3. To record a Free Text Note, enter text in the Free Text Notes section.

4. To record a Date Stamped Note, click the Add Date Stamped Note button. 

The Add Date Stamped Note window will display.


   a. Enter the text

   b. Enter your initials in the Pharmacist field

   c. Click Save

5. To display the the Customer Editing screen open to the Notes tab every time the customer is selected, ensure the Display Notes in Dispense when this customer is selected checkbox is checked.

6. Click OK to record the note.