This task list has been designed to support Stock Controllers and Retail Managers. The tasks that are included in this suggested task list are in line with best practices recommended by Minfos.

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Collect and Complete Electronic Invoices

1. Collect available electronic invoices

Tip  Enable the Automatically Collect Invoices configuration to allow Minfos to check for and collect electronic invoices as they become available. To learn more refer to Automatically Collect Invoices.

To manually collect available invoices refer to Collect Electronic Invoices.

2. Review and Complete electronic invoices.

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3. Review pricing.

4. Queue/Print labels for price changes.

5. Ensure any new products are categorised.

Enter and Complete Manual Invoices

This process should be followed for orders which are not sent and collected through PharmX.

1. Create Manual Order. Note: You may have already generated the order prior to sending the order to your supplier.

2. Issue, Receive and Complete the Manual Order.

3. Review pricing.

4. Queue/Print labels for price changes.

5. Ensure any new products are categorised.

Manage Supplier Credits

1. Apply for any stock credits arising from today’s orders.

2. Reconcile any credit notes that have been received manually or electronically.

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Run the Negative GP report

Use the Product Exceptions Report to identify any products with a negative gross profit.

1. From Stock Manager, click the Reports menu.

2. Click 2. Product Reports and select 3. Product Exceptions Report.

3. Select Negative GP as the Exception Format in the Product Exception Report Window.

Review sales for 300 & 301 General GP Products

Minfos recommends that the General GP Products 300 and 301 product sales are reviewed daily. The sales can then be checked against the reprinted dockets, or the note added to the transaction so products/transactions can be corrected. If the 301 or 300 GP Product is used, this must be corrected at the till on the same day as the processed transaction. 

1. Check for General GP 300 and 301 sales.

2. Correct the sales.

Generate Daily Wholesaler Orders

1. Generate Daily Wholesaler Order.

2. Review and edit orders (if required).

3. Transmit the order.


Generate any required Direct Supplier Orders

1. Generate any required orders for direct suppliers. 

2. Review and edit the order.

3. Transmit orders (where you have the supplier set up through PharmX) or Issue orders that have been placed outside of PharmX.

Perform a Rolling Stocktake

Stocktaking everyday will maintain the accuracy of your generated orders and reports. Perform a stocktake for one location or category at a time. Use the Minfos Stocktake Checklist available from Stocktake Overview to ensure your stocktake is completed correctly. 

To generate a printable list of locations:

  1. Navigate to Stock Manager.
  2. Select Category Maintenance.
  3. Change the category type drop-down to your preferred category (eg- Location).
  4. Click Print.
  5. Close the Print screen and click the Export a Report icon to export the report to an Excel spread sheet if required.  
  6. Save this file to have an electronic record of your stock take progress.

Perform the Stocktake

It is best practice to perform a live stocktake using the wireless scanner or Minfos app if possible.

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If this is not possible in your pharmacy you can manually stocktake using printed stocktake sheets.

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