This task list has been designed to support Stock Controllers and Retail Managers. The tasks that are included in this suggested task list are in line with best practices recommended by Minfos.

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Direct Supplier MNPN Updates

Direct Supplier MNPN updates will add new and updated product information from Direct Suppliers. It is strongly recommended that you apply automatic updates for suppliers you order from.

Review the suppliers in the Manage Supplier MNPN Updates window. 

  • Ensure you have enabled automatic updates for any suppliers new to your pharmacy. 
  • If there are suppliers you are no longer ordering from, disable automatic updates by changing the Type drop-down to Manual Update.

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Review Category Sales reports

Generating a Category Sales report is useful for the following; 

  • Assessing GP% on products sold for a particular date range and category
  • Assessment of the performance of each category within the store
  • Capturing products which have been sold and not allocated to a selected category
  • Generating a report on categories which have recorded a negative GP%
  • Assessment of discountable products

Run the General or Unused Category Sales report

Generating a Category Sales report for General and Unused categories will capture any products which have been sold before being correctly allocated to a category.

Ensure you assign the reported products to a category.

Review and action products with Negative Stock On Hand

Generating and actioning a Negative Stock report assists in maintaining accurate stock on hand figures.

Ensure you have completed all outstanding invoices before running the report.

1. Run the Negative Stock Report by your preferred category type - Product, Department, Company, Brand, I.E.U, Class or Location. 

2. Investigate the reported products. Consider:

  • Do you have the product in the pharmacy?
  • Have you completed your invoices correctly, i.e. is the product a carton item and are the retail units and cost price correct in the stock card?
  • Have you dispensed and sold the product and you are waiting the order to arrive for the customer?
  • Have you sold a special order product prior to receiving the stock?
  • Is the negative SOH the result of duplicated stock cards?

3. Correct the identified issues.

Review Stock Out report

Run the Stock Out report to identify products that are flagged as stocked in your database and currently have a zero or negative stock on hand quantity.

After running the Stock Out report it is recommended that you:

  • Uncheck the Stocked flag for items you do not wish to reorder.
  • Investigate why items are out of stock (e.g. – Supplier shortages, not appearing on generated orders).
  • Adjust ordering practices (frequency of orders, minimum shelf hold (reorder point), minimum ordering quantities).