This task list has been designed to support Stock Controllers and Retail Managers. The tasks that are included in this suggested task list are in line with best practices recommended by Minfos.

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Customer Account Statements

Customer statements are aged automatically on the last night of the month and can only be printed or emailed from or after the first day of the month.

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Wholesaler Updates

Wholesaler updates add new product information and update existing product details, such as supplier PDEs and barcodes.

It is recommended that you apply automatic updates for your preferred wholesaler. This will ensure you get the most current wholesaler product information as it becomes available.

Even better, once you have enabled automatic wholesaler updates, you can skip this task every month!

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Review and Action Outstanding Product Merges

When products are merged in the Minfos Master Database a record of each merge is kept and is provided to your pharmacy on a monthly basis. Your pharmacy needs to action these merges to ensure a clean database and assist with accurate ordering and stock on hand.

This task has multiple stages. The Product Merge file must be imported, and then the merges need to be actioned.

It is recommended that you set your Minfos to automatically import the merge file and apply automatic product merges. Your software will then check for and import any new merge file and automatically merge eligible products.

You will then only need to review and manually action any merges that have not been automatically completed.

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Identify and Remove Duplicate PDEs from your database

Duplicate PDEs in your database may cause issues with stock on hand accuracy and ordering.

Note: Ensure you have collected and actioned MNPN Product Merges before beginning this task.

Identify products with duplicate PDEs by running the Product Exceptions Report.

Action the Duplicate PDEs by following the 6 step process:

  1. Merge the duplicated non MNPN products.
  2. Clear products attached to unused suppliers.
  3. Clear the supplier from the products the direct supplier no longer supplies.  
  4. Clear the wholesaler from the products the wholesaler no longer supplies.
  5. Update any incorrect PDEs.  
  6. Merge any remaining products.

Review Products on Hire

To view products that are out on hire, run the Products on Hire report. This report displays the customer name and phone number recorded at the time of hire, due dates and amounts owed, allowing you to follow up on the overdue items.

To view only products overdue for return, check the overdue only checkbox. To view all products out on hire, do not check this box.

Review overdue laybys

To view overdue laybys, run the Lay By Report. This report displays the customer name and phone number recorded at the time of layby, due date and amount owed, allowing you to follow up with the customer.

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Review the Dead Stock report

The Dead Stock report lists all stock that has not been sold since a specified date. This report allows you to:

  • Identify products that have not sold since a specified date
  • Capture products that are possibly going out of date

Consider these strategies to manage dead stock:

  • Review pricing of items
  • Create a promotion for these items
  • Uncheck Stocked flag to avoid re-ordering the items
  • Change physical location of stock if practical

Review GP% and retail prices

Use Minfos Price Manager to view GP% an retail prices by category.

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