Once your bank or third party has processed the Direct Debit transactions and deposited the funds into your bank account, they will have a list of successful and unsuccessful payments available. Download this list from your bank or third party and use it to reconcile the payments in Minfos, and mark off successful accounts as paid.

Video demonstration

Step by step instructions

From the Customer Management module:

1. Click the Functions menu and select 6. Direct Debit Reconciliation.

The Direct Debit Reconciliation window is displayed.

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2. Select the required Statement Date. By default, the field will select the date from the most recent Direct Debit file generated.

All the accounts in this Direct Debit file will be listed with their balances at the time the file was generated. By default, each account is marked as Pay in the Action column.

3. Select the accounts you want to mark. You can do this several ways:

  • Highlight a single account with the keyboard arrow keys
  • Highlight multiple accounts by holding down the shift or control keys and clicking on them
  • Click Select All or Deselect All

4. Mark the selected accounts as Pay or Don’t Pay. There are several ways to do this:


Set Action to Pay

Set Action to Don’t Pay

Keyboard numbers:



Keyboard shortcuts:

[Alt + P]

[Alt + K]

Buttons on screen:

Mark Pay

Mark Don’t Pay

The total at the bottom of the screen will only include the value of accounts marked as Pay.

5. Click OK to perform the Action marked against the accounts. Once you click OK, accounts set to Pay will be marked Paid.

A transaction will be made against each account for the amount shown.

Note: The amount cannot be changed. 

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Paid accounts

By default, paid accounts are hidden. Once an account has been marked as Paid it cannot be edited. Accounts previously marked as Don’t Pay will can still be marked as Pay by completing another reconciliation.

To view paid accounts:

1. In the Direct Debit Reconciliation window, uncheck the Hide Paid Accounts checkbox.

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