The Broken Pack Quantities Report displays any products within the set report parameters that have a broken pack SOH recorded.

The report can be sorted by:

  • Product
  • I.E.U
  • Class
  • Brand
  • Department
  • Company
  • Price Policy

From the Stock Manager module:

1. Click the Reports menu.

2. Click 4. Stock Reports.

3. Select 9. Broken Pack Quantities Report.

The Broken Pack Quantities Report window is displayed.

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4. Click the Sorted by drop down box to select your category, e.g. Department, Class, Location etc.

5. Select the From and To range for the category or product range which is being run, or leave at the default to obtain information for all products.

6. Click Okay to run the report.

The Broken Pack Quantities Stock on Hand Report is displayed.

7. Review and update the products listed in the report.

For further information about broken packs in Minfos please refer to Broken Pack Stock on Hand.

Update the Broken Pack Quantities:

Note: Broken Pack quantities can be cleared by running a utility, click here for instructions.

From Product Maintenance:

1. Find the required product.

2. Click Edit Qty.

The Product Stock on Hand Edit window is displayed.

Tip: The Product Stock on Hand Edit window will display how a broken pack is currently counted in your pharmacy.

3. Update the Sub-units Counted.

4. Update the Qty Counted if required.

5. Click Okay to save.