Note This article is intended for Minfos Beta stores only. It contains either new or updated functionality that is not generally available at this time. Please look out for these new features in the next Minfos software release. 

The copy promotion function allows you to reuse completed promotions, by copying all the products (including products without an MNPN) into a new promotion. This reduces the need to manually key in non-MNPN products, saving you time.

By copying the promotion, you will create a new promotion with a new promotion code, allowing you to retain the reporting data for the original promotion, as well as for the new one.

You can also copy multiple promotions at once.

From the Promotions module:

1. Open Promotion Maintenance, go to Enquiry, and click Complete.

2. Highlight the promotion or promotions you wish to copy. To select multiple promotions, hold down the Control key while clicking the promotion with your mouse.

3. Click Copy Promotion, or use the keyboard shortcut [Alt+Y].

The Copy Promotions prompt will display.

4. On the Copy Promotion prompt, either:

                a. Click Okay to continue, or

                b. Click Cancel to return to the Complete Promotions screen, where you can change your selected promotions.

After clicking Okay, a progress bar may display. The copy process may take more time when more promotions, and more products within those promotions, are copied at once.

When the copying process is complete, the Complete Promotions screen will display again.

5. When you have finished copying promotions, close the Complete Promotions screen and navigate to the New Promotions to view your copied promotions