You have the flexibility to manage how a patient receives their repeats for eScripts from the Save and Process window at the end of dispensing. This allows you to override the default settings in Dispense Configuration on a per dispensing basis. See Repeat Token Configuration for more information.

Issue Repeat Token field

This field manages how the patient receives the token for a repeat. If a patient has an Active Script List (ASL), this is not required, but they can still be provided with a token.The default status depends on whether the patient has an ASL (see information below). You can change from the default option. If changed, this will only apply for the repeat being dispensed, and will not automatically apply for subsequent dispensings of the eScript.

From the dropdown list, select how the patient wants to receive the token:

0. Do not send token

1. Do not send, print token. 

2. Email

3. Mobile 

Note Mobile will only display if the Dispense Configuration Issue token to email only is unchecked, refer to Repeat Token Configuration for more information.

For both Email and Mobile options, if the patient has this contact information recorded in their patient profile, the field will auto populate. You can change the information in the field, and Minfos will validate it on entry.

Update Patient’s Profile checkbox

If you change the email or mobile, this checkbox will be enabled and checked by default. When OK is clicked, the new contact information will be updated in the patient’s profile.

If you do not want the contact information to be updated to the patient’s profile, uncheck the Update Patient’s Profile checkbox. This will send the token to the email or mobile entered in the Save and Process window, but will not update the patient’s profile with this information.  This may be useful, for example, when the contact information is for a carer, not for the patient.

Patient has an ASL

If the patient has an ASL, there are two checkboxes that will display on the Save and Process window. These checkboxes control whether the repeat will be uploaded to the patient’s ASL.Patient wants script added to their ASL checkbox:

  • Un-check if the patient does not want this script added to their ASL
  • If dispensing an original script with repeats, this will be checked by default. In this case the Issue Repeat Token will default to Do not send token
  • If dispensing a repeat, the checkbox status is the same as the previous dispensing of that script
  • The checkbox is disabled if the Script will be retained by the pharmacy checkbox is selected, as shown below

Script will be retained by the pharmacy. Reason for retaining <reason inserted here> checkbox: 

  • This checkbox is controlled by the prescriber and cannot be changed by the dispenser
    • If checked, the Issue Repeat Token field will be disabled, with Do not send, print token selected. On saving and processing the script, the repeat token will print and display Retain at <store name inserted here> Pharmacy

Patient does not have an ASL (or has previously not had the script uploaded to their ASL)

If the patient does not have an ASL, or the default status of the Patient wants scripts added to their ASL checkbox is unchecked, then the default status of the Issue Repeat Token option depends on:

  1. The Scripts on File status of the patient.
  2. The default method that your patients receive their tokens, i.e., SMS or email. (If Issue token to email only is ticked in Dispense Configuration, this will always be email).

Scripts on File Patients

Minfos will default the Issue Repeat Token option to match the eScript Repeats for SOF setting in the Dispense/Customer tab of the Configuration window. For further information, see Manage eScript tokens for Scripts on File customers.

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Where 2. Send is selected, Minfos will electronically send the token using the options selected in the Dispense Configuration Issue Token Default.

Non scripts on file patients (or SOF patients where ‘eScript Repeats for SOF’ configuration is set to Send)

For patients that are not set up as keeping their scripts on file, the default value for Issue Repeat Token option on the Save and Process window will match the Dispense Configuration Issue Token Default.

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This will be set to Email if the Dispense Configuration Issue token to email only is ticked.