Use Quick Cheque Remittance to record which invoices have been paid and generate remittance advices. 

1. From the Minfos Launchpad, navigate to Payables.

2. Select the Quick Cheque Remitt icon.

The Quick Cheque Remittance Selection window is displayed. 

3. Enter the Supplier Code of the invoice/s to be paid and press [Tab].

Or, enter part of the supplier name, press [Tab], and select the Supplier from the Supplier Search Window

Invoices for the selected supplier are displayed.

4. Double click on each of the invoices you wish to pay to change the status of the invoice to Pay.

To select all invoices for payment click the Select All button.

5. After you have selected the invoices you wish to pay, click Okay

The Quick Check Remittance Printing window is displayed. 

6. Enter the date of the statement received from the supplier in the Statement Date field. 

The Total Paying and Cheque Amount fields are automatically populated and reflect the total of the invoices that were selected.

7. Enter any discount in the Less Discount field.

8. Enter the date the payment appears on your bank statement in the Cheque Date field. 

9. If required, enter the reference number of the payment in the Cheque Number field. 

10. If required, update the Bank Account that the payment will be made from. 

11. Click Okay.

The remittance advices are displayed. 

12. Print the advices if required.

13. Repeat this process for each supplier you wish to record a payment to.