The Till Summary report prints a summary of Till transactions on that day and can be used to balance your Tills. Generating a Till Summary report DOES NOT close the Till for the day, you can run a Till Summary at any time. The Till will automatically roll over to the next day during the automated End of Day process. 

Video demonstration

Generate the Till Summary Report

From the Retail Till module:

1. Click the Reports menu and select 1. Till Summary.

Tip: This report can also be run from the Till. With your Clerk Code entered, press the Till Summary button.

The Till Summary window is displayed.2. Make the required selections:

a. Till Number: Defaults to 9999 (all Tills), or enter a specific Till number. The Till Number can be found on any module (Station).

b. For Date: Defaults to today, refer to Previous Takings Report to learn how to run a Till Summary for a past date.

c. Use Time Range: To define the report by a specific time range, check this checkbox, this will enable the Starting Time and Ending Time fields.

d. Starting Time & Ending Time: These fields are only enabled when Use Time Range has been checked. Enter the required Time Range to refine the Till Summary report. 

e. Print on Docket: If you are running this report from a Workstation with a Docket printer configured, click this option to print the Till Summary to the Docket printer.

f. Enter: Click Enter to print the Till Summary to your Notes printer. 

The Till Summary Report print preview is displayed.

Note: If your pharmacy has credit card surcharges configured, the total surcharge amount is displayed in the Sales Breakdown, and again in the Credit Card Summary.

No Credit Card Surcharge:With a Credit Card Surcharge: