You can issue a reward voucher at a later date and this may be because:

  • You selected Cancel at the Bonus Level Reached screen to issue the voucher at a later date if the customer requested this
  • The option to prompt at the till is not selected in club options
  • The clerk that made the club sale when the customer reached their goal was not authorised to issue the voucher

From the Minfos Till

1. Log in to the Till with your Clerk Code, and press [Enter].

2. Press [F3] or click Select Customer. The Customer Search Window is displayed. Find and select the required customer.


3. Scan the customers club card. 

The customer's point balance is displayed.

4. Click the Rewards Points button.

The Bonus Level Reached window is displayed. 

The Gift Voucher Sale Screen is displayed. 

a. Enter the gift voucher number.

6. Click OK to issue the voucher.