When the loyalty club is set with a Gift Voucher as the reward there are two options at the time of the sale:

1. Issue the pre-printed gift voucher to the customer at the time of the sale

2. Select cancel to issue this gift voucher at a later date

From the Minfos Till

1. Log in to the Till with your Clerk Code, and press [Enter]

2. Press [F3] or click Select Customer. The Customer Search Window is displayed. Find and select the required customer.


3. Scan the customers club card.

4. Scan the products and process the sale as per normal process.

If this transaction reaches the goal amount the Bonus Level Reached window is displayed.

5. Click Okay to issue the gift voucher once the payment has been processed.

Depending on your pharmacy configuration, you may get prompted to Email the receipt, print the receipt and the Change screen may display before the Gift Voucher Sale Screen is displayed. 

a. Enter the gift voucher number.

6. Click OK to issue the voucher.