Club Point Balance report can be used to identify a specific range of club customers:

  • Customers with high point balance to club offers (this is the same for discounts and $ spent)
  • Customers shopping during specific date ranges to measure success of in store promotions
  • Customers not shopping during specific date ranges to target customers possibly shopping elsewhere since joining the club
  • Show pro-rata/liability on point balance reports

From Customers Management:

1. Click the Reports menu, click B. Clubs and select 4. Club Points Balance.

The Club Points Balance Report is displayed.

a. Select the range of customers in the From Customer and To Customer fields.

b. Select the range of clubs in the From Club and To Club fields.

c. Select the category from the Sort by drop-down options.

d. Select the range of points required to be reported on in the From Points and To Points fields.

e. Select the date range by entering in the From Date and To Date.

f. Checking the No Sales checkbox will display customers who have not had a sale for the specified date range.

g. Select one of the following Output Format options:

  • 0. Report, will print a report as normal.
  • 1. Mail Merge will create an export file, allowing you to save the file to a required location or path.

h. Checking the Show Detail checkbox will show each product or transaction in the product range selected. Leaving Show Detail unchecked will not display the individual products purchased.

i. Check the Account Customers Only checkbox to include only customers within the selected club that are account customers.

j. Include Opt Out Customers if you are running a mail merge, it is recommended to leave this unchecked.

2. Click Okay to run the report.