Once Products Pending Release has been configured, when a product is added to your Minfos Head Office database the new product will display in the Products Pending Release window. You must approve the new product before it will flow down to the subscribed stores. This applies to all added products, whether they are added via a Minfos update (Wholesaler or MNPN Direct Supplier update) or locally in Product Maintenance or Product Quick Entry.

Note This is an optional feature of Multi-store

From the Minfos Launch Pad:

1. Click the Multi-store icon.

The Multi-store module is displayed.

2. Click the Data menu and select 5. Products Pending Release.

The Products Pending Release window is displayed.

a. If you maintain stock flags, check the Stocked Only checkbox to only display products marked as stocked.

b. Click Filter to adjust the products displayed.

The Products Pending Release Filter window is displayed.

i. Check the required Approved for Release radio button.

ii. If required check the Display Only Added Product Since and enter the required date. 

Click Okay to update the Products Pending Release window display or Cancel to make no changes to the display view.

c. The Last Sent column displays the date the product was last sent to subscribed stores, if the product has never been sent i.e. a new product this column will display None.

d. To approve all products displayed in the Products Pending Release window check the Approve checkbox or

e. To only approve certain products check the individual product Approve check box.

f. Click Find to search for a specific product. Use the standard Minfos search option e.g. Name, barcode, Product No. or / PDE.

g. Highlight a product and click Stock Card to open the Product Editing window.

h. Highlight a product and click Info to add Product Information to the Stock Card. Info is NOT sent to stores. Refer to Add Product Info to a stockcard for more information.

i. Highlight a product and click Product Audit to view the Product Audit Report. Refer to Product Audit report for information on this report.

j. Click Print to print a list of the displayed products in the Products Pending Release window.

3. Once you have approved the required products or all products click OK to release the products to the subscribed stores. The products will flow down to the store at the time set in Shop Configuration.


4. Click Cancel to close the window without approving any products for release.

The products in the Products Pending Release window will always display if they are never approved to release, therefore this window can take a considerable amount of time to display. 
The products cannot be deleted from this list, however if a product has never been sold at any of your subscribed stores the products could be deleted from Product Maintenance and therefore will delete from this list. The product may then be re-added to your database next time that supplier update runs.