From the Minfos Till:

1. Log in to the Till with your Clerk Code, and press [Enter].

2. Press [F3] or click Select Customer. The Customer Search Window is displayed. Find and select the required customer.


3. Scan the customers club card. 

Note The Customer will receive points for this entire transaction, if you do not want the customer to receive points skip steps 2 and/or 3 and do not select the customer for this transaction.

4. Scan the products and click Credit to process the gift voucher.

The Credit Menu is displayed.

a. Select Gift Vouchers from the list

b. Enter the value of the gift voucher in the Amount Paying field.

c. Click Enter. 

The Gift Voucher Redeem Screen is displayed.

a. Enter the Voucher No. and press [Tab].

5. The customer's details and Voucher Value is displayed. Update if required.

6. Click Okay to redeem the voucher.

7. Process any outstanding amounts as per normal process.