Club barcode printing is for pharmacies that create their own club cards then attach the Minfos barcode label to enabling scanning the loyalty card at the register. 

Barcode number file may also be exported to allow third party companies to supply club cards with the Minfos barcode and customer name.

Pre-printed cards can be purchased from a card printing company such as Stirling Fildes:
Pre-printed club cards must have a barcode that is nine numbers in length and starts with 36, 38 or 40.  For example, you may order 500 loyalty cards starting from number 36000000 to 360000500.

The Barcode printing functionality enables you to:

  • Print barcode labels for individual or multiple clubs or customers
  • Print barcode labels for customers who joined the club on a specific date or date range
  • Export barcode file for third party company to print plastic cards with Minfos barcodes

Printing Club Barcodes

From Customers Management:

1. Click the Customers menu and select 3. Customer Bar codes. 

The Customers Barcodes window is displayed.

a. Select the Club or range of Clubs by entering their codes in the From and To Club fields.

b. Select one of the following options from the Sort By drop-down box, customer code or customer name. 

c. Select the range of customers in the From and To fields.

d. In the Customer that Joined this Club Commencing From and To fields, Select the date range for labels to be printed for only those customers that joined the club or clubs within this specified range.  

e. Enter the Starting Row and Starting Column positions required for the barcodes to be printed on a part piece of paper. If the paper being used is a full piece, the default 1 and 1 can be used.

f. Check the Export File checkbox to create a file containing the customer's name and number. By default, the file path will be saved in the local PRTFILES. Alternatively, this file can be saved in a directory of your choice by clicking the Browse and selecting where to save the export.

User-check This file you are exporting contains PII ensure you are following the Australian Privacy Principles. Files containing PII should be deleted or de-identified when it is no longer necessary to be retained.

2. Click Okay to create the Barcode export, these barcodes will automatically be printed to your windows default printer unless the Export File checkbox has been checked.

Example customer barcode: These can be printed on the Minfos Product Label stationery.