Once a club has been set up (refer to Minfos Clubs Overview) and the products have been assigned to the club (Add Products to a Club), you are then required to attach customers to the club (also see Set a Universal Club). A customer can have multiple clubs attached to their profile. 

  • In respect to discounts: If a product belongs to multiple clubs, the product will be given the highest discount nominated for all clubs that the customer is a member of.
  • In respect to loyalty points: If a product belongs to multiple clubs, the points will be given to the first loyalty club on the customer’s details screen.

From Customers Management:

1. Click the Customers menu and select 1. Customer Maintenance.

The Customer Maintenance window is displayed.

2. Find and highlight the required customer and click Change. 

The Customer Editing window is displayed.

3. Click the Clubs/Loyalty Tab.

a. Club No. 1 - Assign your clubs in order of which loyalty club you want the loyalty points to be allocated to first, this is important in the case of where a product is attached to more than one club.

b. Checking the Opt Out of receiving Promotional Material option allows this customer to be excluded from a mail merge export.

c. Club Reward Barcode – check this field to enter a barcode from pre-printed loyalty cards or generated customer barcodes.

3. Click OK.