Points are allocated for items purchased. The customer purchases a specified number of products, and then they receive something free. Whenever a club member purchases one of these products, they automatically accrue points for each item purchased.

“Buy any 5 items and receive a free cosmetic carry bag.”

 From Club Maintenance: 

1. Click Add.
The Club Maintenance window is displayed.

a. Enter the Club Number, by default, this number will be the next available number. 

b. Enter the Name of the club. 

c. From the Club Type drop-down select 2. Points per Item

d. Enter the number of Points that the customer will receive per product that is allocated to this club.  

e. Allocate the number of points required in the Goal field in order for the customer to receive their reward.

f. Enter a Message at Till that the sales clerk will be altered with when the customer has reached their goal.

g. Enter a Message on to appear on the customers’ docket. This may be left blank.

h. Enter the number of months in the Clear Points after field to indicate when points will expire. The number of months cannot be altered once the new club has been saved.

2. Click OK to save the club or click Cancel to close without saving.

Next steps:

Refer to Minfos Clubs Overview if this club is a Master club i.e. all products are included or refer to Add Products to a Club to add specific products to a club.