Club Maintenance is used to add and configure Minfos clubs and their individual settings from one window.

From Customer Management:

1. Click the Maintenance menu and select 2. Clubs.

The Club Maintenance: Sorted by Name window is displayed.

a. Click Add to add a Minfos club. Refer to the following articles for more information:

b. Highlight and click Change to edit an existing club. Refer to the Add club articles for detailed information on the different club fields.

Note You will not be able to change the club type, points rounding and clear points fields for an existing club once it has been created. 

c. Highlight a club and click Delete to remove a club. The club will remain in the database, for historical purposes and can be reinstated by clicking List All and removing the ~ from the name.

d. Click Print to print a list of clubs in the current sort order.

e. Click Sort to change the sort order of clubs to either name or code.

f. Check the List All check box to display all clubs including clubs that have been deleted.

g. Click Find and type the name or code, based on the current search order, of the club.

h. Click Next to view the following page of listed clubs.

i. Click Prev to view the previous page of listed clubs.

j. Click Cancel to exit.