Minfos Clubs allows your pharmacy to offer special pricing to a particular group(s) of customers or run a reward program based on purchases of a particular group of products.

The Minfos Clubs series of articles outline the process of how to:

Prior to implementing Minfos clubs or adding new Minfos club, you must establish the club requirements:

  • Do you want to run one club or multiple clubs? If you want one club, will it include all products or just a select group of products? i.e. do you want a Master Club?
  • Do you want to include non-discountable products in any clubs?
  • What products will be included as part of each club? i.e. is it a Baby Club or is it a Master Club?
  • If it is a points per dollar club, what is the amount that the customer will spend to receive a gift voucher?
  • What will be the value of the gift voucher?

Hints and Tips

  • If the discountable checkbox is adjusted on a club product (where you do or do not allow discountable products to be included in your discount club), you will need to review your Club Products and potentially remove the product from the club or add the product to your club. Refer to Delete a product from a Club
  • New products invoiced into the pharmacy (non-Master Clubs), which are required to belong to a club, will need to be added to club products manually. Refer to Add Products to a Club
  • Sales clerks required to issue club vouchers will need to have access to this option in Salespersons Maintenance. If this sales clerk does not have access, they will not be able to issue a gift voucher. Refer to Add a Salesperson for more information
  • Pre-printed club cards must be nine numbers long and begin with a 36, 38 or 40. You can also print customer barcodes from Minfos. Refer to Club Barcode Printing

Set up Club Options

From Customer Management:

1. Click the Maintenance menu and select 1. Club Options.

The Club Options window is displayed.

a.  Multiple Clubs AllowedThis check box will allow your pharmacy to run several clubs that accrue points for customer purchases. This option requires club products to be maintained.
b. Include Non-discountable Products:

Applies to all clubs with the exception of the master club which will give points to non-discountable products when 1. All Products is selected in the Loyalty Products field.
Select one of the following options to allow non-discountable products to accrue points based on the type of club or select none to restrict non-discountable products from accruing points. 
  • 0. None 
  • 1. Discount Clubs 
  • 2. Points Clubs 
  • 3. Discount & Points Clubs
c. Discount Promotional ProductsThis checkbox applies to discount clubs only.
If checked, products on promotion will have the Club Discount applied to the promotional price. 
d. Prompt for redemption at the TillThis checkbox is checked by default, uncheck if you do NOT want your Till staff prompted to redeem the Club Gift Vouchers at the Till.
e. Master Club Number
*A Fixed Price club cannot be the Master Club.
A Master Club automatically assigns all products to this club. This excluded dispensed items.
You are required to set up your Club in Club Maintenance before you can set it in Club Options.
f. Exclude KVIs from Master ClubCheck this option to exclude stock cards that are flagged as KVI from your Master Club.
g. Loyalty ProductsSelect one of the following options to determine whether discountable products are included or excluded from your Master Club:
  • 0. None
  • 1. All Products
  • 2. All Products excluding non-discountable