Chemotherapy drugs are prescribed with the amount of active ingredients needed for a single infusion or injection using milligrams or other relevant units of measure. When you dispense a chemotherapy item in Minfos you will dispense the item under a ‘pseudo product’ rather than the brand. ‘Pseudo products’ are a combination of the active ingredient and the PBS code. The SOH of this product does not change as part of dispensing.

Instead, Minfos will use the selected pseudo product and dispensed quantity to calculate the PBS Claim based on the most efficient combination of vials (offered across all brands). Minfos will also present other variations of vial combinations, for example, when a patient wants a specific brand, but you will only be reimbursed for the lowest-cost combination.

For more information on Efficient Funding of Chemotherapy (EFC) refer to:

As part of the dispensing process, you will also need to need to select the Chemotherapy Compounder. Ensure this is done prior to starting the dispensing process. To set up your Chemotherapy Compounder refer to Setting up a Compounder for Chemotherapy Dispensing.

Dispense a Chemotherapy script

From the Dispense Form with your patient selected:

1. Enter the active ingredient for the chemotherapy drug in the Drug field and press [Tab].

The Drug Recall Window is displayed.

2. Select the pseudo product for the chemotherapy item based on the PBS code, ensure you select the Chemo type. 

The Dispense Form is re-displayed.

3. Enter the Directions, press [Tab].

4. Enter the prescriber code in the Doctor field and press [Tab] 

5. In the Rx.Qty enter the prescribed amount in units (not vials) and press [Tab]. The Qty field is the dispensed quantity and defaults to same quantity entered in the Rx.Qty field. If the entered quantity exceeds the max PBS quantity Minfos will prompt you to make the script an authority.

6. In the Qty field, adjust the dispensed quantity if required, then press [Tab]. You can increase or decrease the dispensed quantity by up to 10% of the prescribed quantity without approval or new prescription being required.

If the dispensed quantity is under or over the prescribed quantity an error will display. 

  • Click Ok to close the error
  • Adjust the Qty to within 10% of the Rx.Qty.

The Chemotherapy Combinations window is displayed listing all available combinations of vials and brands that will fulfil the prescribed quantity of the selected drug. The list is sorted by the cost of the combinations with the lowest-cost combination listed first. Only the lowest-cost combination is fully covered by the PBS. If a more expensive combination is selected for dispensing the gap amount is passed to the customer. Refer to the ‘Cust. Pay’ column for the price to the customer.

a. Select the required combination, if it does not display refer to e and/or f.

b.  Minfos will generate and apply an Infusion ID to each chemotherapy infusion that is dispensed. By default, each infusion will be treated as a single infusion. The Add To Existing Infusion field will display any infusions dispensed to the patient that day. Where multiple infusions are required, select the Add To Existing Infusion checkbox and select a previously dispensed chemotherapy item to apply the same Infusion ID. 

Note Only chemotherapy items dispensed that day will be available for selection. If there are no previous chemotherapy infusions for that day, and therefore no infusions to attach the item to, the Add to Existing Infusion checkbox will be disabled.

c. The default Compounder is displayed, to apply an alternative compounder when dispensing a chemotherapy infusion, enter an alternative Compounder ID in the Compounder field. Refer to Setting up a Compounder for Chemotherapy Dispensing to adjust your default compounder.

d. To adjust the combinations that display in the Chemotherapy Combinations window, click Filter.

The Brand Filter window is displayed. Make your selection in the Manufacturer section and/or the Combinations section and click OK.

e. Click Next 10 to view more combinations.

f. Click Prev 10 to go back to previously displayed combinations.

g. Click Stocked Only to only display stocked combinations.

h. With your required Option highlighted click OK to carry on the dispensing process.

7. Save and Process the script as per your normal process.