From the Retail Till module:

1. Click the Reports menu and select E. eReceipt Audit Log.

The eReceipt Audit Log window is displayed.


2. The Starting Date and Ending Date default to include the last 30 days. Shorten the date period if required.


The report is purged during the EOD process, you cannot go back further than 30 days.

3. Click Okay to run the report.

The eReceipt Audit Log is displayed.




a. Date

Date the eReceipt was sent.

b. Time

Time the eReceipt was sent.

c. Sale #

Transaction/sale number.

d. Destination

The email the eReceipt was sent to

e. Result

Success: the eReceipt was successfully emailed to the customer

Failure: the eReceipt failed to email, try again. If it reports as Failure a second time, review your Email Configuration and then contact Minfos Support if required.


4. Print the report if required.