From the Retail Till module:

1. Click the Enquiry menu and select one of the following options:

Or click one of the following icons:

In this example 1. Sales Enquiry has been used.

The Sales Enquiry window is displayed.

2. Highlight the required transaction and click Enquire.

The Sale Detail Enquiry window is displayed.

3. Click eReceipt.

The eReceipt window is displayed.

  • If there is a customer associated with the transaction and an email exists in the Details tab of the customer’s Minfos profile the eReceipt window will display the email address.

4. If required, the email address can be changed on the eReceipt window and Minfos will prompt you to Update Customer Details. Click YES to update the profile or NO to leave the profile email as is.

  • If no customer was selected during the transaction, the eReceipts window will display “ENTER RECIPIENT’S MOBILE NUMBER.

a. Enter the email address

b. The Send button is only enabled once a simple email validation has occurred e.g. the email contains a @ and a .xx.

The Please wait sending Email prompt is displayed.

The eReceipt is sent the customer and the Sale Detail Enquiry window is re-displayed.