Note The Active Script List (ASL) functionality is currently in pilot. Access to ASL functions is restricted to pharmacies taking part in the Minfos ASL pilot program. Please contact Minfos Support for further information.

The ‘ASL’ button on the Dispense Form indicates the ASL status for the selected patient.

Clicking the ASL button will allow you to perform various actions depending on the patient’s ASL status.

ASL Status

Status meaning


The patient has not been registered for an ASL.

Click ASL Register to begin the registration process for the patient.

The patient has an ASL, but your pharmacy does not have consent to view it.

Click ASL Request Access to request access to the patient’s ASL.

The patient has an ASL and your pharmacy has consent to view it.

Click ASL View to view the patient’s ASL.

Minfos is not able to obtain the patient’s ASL status.

The reason could be one of the following:

  • There is not enough information to start an IHI search/revalidation
  • No IHI was found after search/revalidation
  • Patient has an IHI status other than Active & Verified e.g. Deceased, Retired or Expired
  • If you are currently only set up with MediSecure, you will also need to install eRx to access ASL

An ASL cannot be accessed in Script Editing Mode so this button will always be greyed out when editing a script.

  • Check the patient’s IHI is valid
  • Ensure you are not in Script Editing Mode

The registration has been submitted but still waiting for the Primary Contact's explicit approval


The pharmacy has requested access to view patients ASL but is waiting for the Primary Contact's explicit approval.

 Click ASL Consent Pending to resend the consent request to the primary contact for the patient.