What to do if a product has not generated on an order:

There are a number of reasons why a product may not appear on a generated order. 

We recommend that you check for each of the possible causes listed in the table below and take the suggested action if required.

Is the product marked as Re-Order (Stocked)?
If you are generating a Normal or Out of Stock order the products must be marked as stocked to be considered for the order.
Mark the products as Stocked.
Is the A.R. Product Code correct in the stock card?
If you are generating your order based the Order Content: Dispense or Retail the products must have the correct A.R. Product Code, refer to A.R. Product CodesUpdate the product to have the correct A.R. Product Code, refer to Change A.R. Product Codes
Has the product not sold recently?
Products must have sold within the required timeframe.
Refer to the Order Date and Order Period in Days section of the Generate Orders Overview article. Consider changing the order parameters.
Is the product on another Created, Issued or Received order?
If your current SOH + the ordered quantity is more than you sell on average, the product will not generate on an order.
Refer to Products on Order report.
Are the product attributes incorrect?  e.g. the preferred supplier may not be set up correctly in the stock card.
If the product attributes aren't correct (don't match what has been set for the generated order) the product may not be included in the generated order.Refer to Generate Orders Overview to learn what the different fields mean and then refer to Product Quick Fix Overview and Product Quick Fix - Quick Fix Selection Overview to learn how to fix bulk product attributes.
Are the Supplier Product attributes correct? e.g. the Max. Shelf Hold may be set to less than your current SOH.
The attributes need to fall within the order parameters for the product to be included in the generated order.Check and adjust Supplier product attributes if required.
Refer to Manage Supplier Ordering Parameters for more information.