Before supplying dispensed items to a patient the pharmacist must perform the final verification process to ensure the correct medication is supplied to the correct patient.

In Minfos this takes place in the Pharmacist Check screen.

The Pharmacist Check screen

This screen allows pharmacists to:

  • View all the items dispensed to the patient on that day
  • View the details of the selected prescription
  • View the electronic copy of an ePrescription and any associated annotations
  • Edit a prescription
  • Edit and update customer profiles and notes
  • View the customers full history
  • View Drug Interactions
  • View and record Clinical Interactions
  • View and fix PBS Rejections
  • Scan check the dispensed item against the physical item

Video - The Pharmacist Check screen

Watch the Video 
Learn how to perform prescription scan checks and utilise the many functions available in the Pharmacist Check Screen. 

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