For a detailed overview refer to Minfos Booking Queue Overview.

You can choose to Dispense from the Minfos Booking Queue as a:

  • Batch dispense process i.e.  Prepare for all of todays (or another day’s) appointments by dispensing for these in one go.
  • Dispense from the queue as required. For example, when a patient comes in for their appointment or books in as a walk-in appointment.

Batch dispense:

To dispense the first item in the queue:

To load the Dispense Form with the information for the booking:

1. Type [=] and then press [Tab] into the Surname field on the Dispense Form.

2. If the patient included their Medicare Card number when they made their booking, and they exist in your database the Dispense Form will automatically populate patient’s details, skip to step 3.
However, if the patient does not exist in your database or cannot be matched to an existing patient the Select Customer Record window is displayed.

a. The default Matching customers by is set to First Names and Surname, you can enter different information into either of these or click the M/C radio button to search by Medicare Card. 

Then either:

b. Highlight the correct patient based on the Details from booking and click Select.


c. If the patient does not display, click Add as a new customer. The patient is added based on the information they provided when they made their appointment. 

The Dispense Form is updated and is populated with the patient’s details. 

3. If the drug provided as part of the booking can be found in Minfos it will automatically populate the Drug field on the Dispense Form, skip to step 4.
However if the drug could not be matched the Drug not provided or Drug not found prompt is displayed.

To troubleshoot this prompt: 

a. Click OK to close the prompt.

b. Open the Booking Queue (click the BQ icon or press [Alt + Shift + =]), find the patient’s appointment and refer to the information in the Drug or Notes column. This information may help you identify what vaccination the patient booked in to receive. 

c. Close the Booking Queue and enter the drug for dispensing.

The Dispense Form is updated and populated with the Drug.

4. If there are any Notes associated with the booking, these will populate in the Directions field. Update these if required.

5. In the Doctor field, enter the administrating pharmacist’s Prescriber Code. If the pharmacist has not been set up as a prescriber, please refer to Set up Pharmacist as Prescriber for instructions. Each day the administering pharmacist will need to be manually selected for the first dispensing from the booking queue.

It is assumed that the same pharmacist will be administrating all of the vaccinations for that day, therefore, the Doctor field for subsequent dispensings from the Booking Queue will automatically populated with the previous pharmacist’s details. 
The dispenser can select a different administering pharmacist when dispensing for a booking. If the selected pharmacist is changed, the next time a booking is dispensed from the queue the newly selected pharmacist will be populated by default.


6. Complete dispensing as per your usual process e.g. price the drug, refer to Set Fixed Drug Pricing for Single Packs or Import Fixed Drug Pricing for more information. Click Okay or press [Enter] to save and process the dispensing.

Note The booking is removed from the Booking Queue once it has been dispensed. Any bookings that were not dispensed for today will be cleared from the Booking Queue when your End-of-Day process runs automatically.

 To batch dispense for all of the day’s appointments simply dispense the next item in the queue follow the Dispense the Next Queued Booking from the Script Options menu steps.

Dispense the Next Queued Booking from the Script Options menu:

When the Script Options menu is opened from the Dispense Form, there is an option to dispense the next queued booking.

1. You can simply highlight =. Next Queued Booking and click Okay or press [=].

The Dispense Form is updated with the next booking from the queue, Minfos will follow the process as mentioned from step 2 under To dispense the first item in the queue.

When you have dispensed through all the bookings for the day the following prompt is displayed:

Bookings will now be dispensed for XX/XX/XX where the X's are the next date you have received bookings for.


 This is helpful if you only want to dispense for a day’s bookings. You can continue to dispense through the next day’s bookings. Each time you move to a new day’s bookings Minfos will prompt you to let you know.  

To dispense an appointment from the Booking queue window:

Navigate to the Booking Queue

1. From the Dispense Form, either click the BQ icon or press [Alt + Shift + =].

The Booking Queue window is displayed. By default, all appointments that require a product to be dispensed in preparation for administration for the next 7 days will display. The sort order is based on appointment date-time.

a. Highlight the required appointment, you can also use the From,/ To date filter and Patient search to refine the appointments displayed in the Booking Queue.

b. To dispense click Dispense, press [Alt + .] or double click on the booking.

Minfos will follow the process as mentioned from step 2 under To dispense the first item in the queue

Locked Booking prompt: 

When you select an appointment to dispense it will become locked, this is to prevent different dispense stations working on the same appointment. When another workstation attempts to dispense a locked appointment from the Booking Queue the Booking Queue prompt is displayed, listing the station number the appointment is being dispensed on.