Shelf, product and shelf talker (promotion) label templates can be customised to suit your pharmacy needs.

For information on how to manage label template click here.

1. From Label Maintenance, click a store-created label template, then click Edit or click New Label.

2. The Label Editor is launched,

This article covers:

Add a new field

A label field is a detail on the label—for example, a product name. Fields can be added, resized, moved and deleted.

You can add a new field in two ways:

  • Add a plain text field to add text that will display on all labels that are printed using the template.

For example, you can add the word “Save” to a shelf talker template, and that text will be printed on all labels using that template.

  • Add a variable field to print information specific to the product.

For example, you can add the Department variable field, which means each label printed will contain the department for the specific product.

Add a plain text field

Plain text fields allow you to add text that will appear on all labels printed using that label template.

To add a plain text field:

1. In the toolbar, click the Insert tab, then click Text.

2. Click and drag in the space beside your label. The Edit Text window is displayed.

Note To avoid accidentally selecting existing label fields, create the field beside the label, before moving it onto the label.

3. In the text box, enter the text to add to the label in quotation marks. For example, enter “”SAVE””.

Note If you do not enter the text in quotation marks, the text will not appear on the label.

4. Click OK.

5. Resize, move the field and format the text, as required. Refer to Resize a field, Move a field and Format label text for instructions.

Add a variable field

The Variables-/Field-List pane contains a collection of details that you can add to your label. When you print a label for a product, the variable information is derived from the product information in your database. Variable fields may include promotional prices, recommended retail prices, categories and more.

Note Refer to: Label fields and details, which contains commonly-used details that you may want to add to your label, and where to find the detail in the Label Editor.

To add a variable field to your label:

1. In the Variables-/Field-List pane, double-click the Variables folder to expand it.

2. Double-click the:

  • Promotion folder to add promotion details to the label.
  • Supplier folder to add supplier details to the label.
  • Product folder to add product details to the label.
Tip The LL folder contains Label Editor variable fields.

3. Click and drag the detail onto the label and position it where you want it to be printed.

Add a specific barcode by:

a. Saving a copy of the Minfos default label that contains the barcode you need

b. Edit the copied label to suit your pharmacy needs.

You can copy a barcode field or any other field straight from one label template to another.

Warning Do not use the Barcode variable in the Variables-/Field-List panel, if you need a specific barcode type, please save a copy of the Minfos default label that contains the barcode you need. You  can then edit the copy to suit your pharmacy’s needs.

Resize a field

To resize a field on the label, click the field to highlight it, then click and drag a resize point.

Note Resizing the field does not change the size of the font. For instructions on formatting the font, refer to Format label text.

To resize the field proportionally, hold [Shift] while dragging the resize point.

Move a field

To move a label field, click and hold the field, then drag it to the desired position on the label.

Delete a field

To delete a label field, click the label field to highlight it, then press [Delete]. The field is removed from the label.


Format label text

1. Click a field on the label to highlight it.

The Text tab and toolbar are displayed.

2. Format the text using:

  • The functions in the Font and Alignment group box
  • The Font dialog

a. Click the “A“ button ( ) on the Font and Alignment group box.

The Font dialog is displayed.

b. Choose your desired font settings, then click OK.

The text in the field is changed according to your settings.

Note These functions are similar to the formatting functions found in Microsoft Word.

Change the barcode on a shelf label

By default, the Minfos product label templates (25mm x 25mm) print the Product Number on the label. You may wish to print the product Barcode instead.

Follow these steps:

1. Click Edit Label and then double click the Barcode on the label preview.

2. Click in the Formula line and change (Product.Number) to (Product.Barcode) and then click OK.3. Close the window and save the label template.

Change a shelf talker background

Before changing the background of your shelf talker labels, you need to create a shelf talker background to the same specifications as your shelf talker label size, and then save the background as a JPEG or PNG image.

To change a shelf talker background:

1. Save a copy of a Minfos shelf talker label, then click Edit Label.

2. Click the default Minfos shelf talker background image, then press [Delete], to remove it from your label.

3. Click the Insert tab, then click Picture, and then click and drag in the space beside your label.

4. Search for your label background image, then check the Embed picture in project file check box.

Note To ensure that the picture is saved in the label file, check the Embed picture in project file check box. This enables the background image to be exported with the label file, and imported at another pharmacy.

5. Click Open and the background image is displayed.

6. Define the layout and size of the background image. In the Properties pane, scroll down to the Layout section and define the Positionparameters.

a. In the position section, change the:

  • Left measurement to “0.00mm”.
  • Right measurement to “0.00mm”.

The image is moved to align with the top left-hand corner of the label.

b. Enter the:

  • Width as the actual width of the label template; for example enter “70.00mm”.
  • Height as the actual height of the label template; for example, enter “97.00mm”.

The image size is adjusted to the same size as the label.

7. Right-click the background image, then click Arrange, and then click To Back.

The background image is positioned behind the label text.

Hide the shelf talker background from printing

This feature is useful for pharmacies that have been issued with pre-printed shelf talker labels. When you hide the background from printing, the background remains displayed in the Label Editor so you can ensure your text is correctly aligned on the label.

To hide the shelf talker background from printing:

1. Click the shelf talker background to highlight it.

2. In the Properties pane, the Layout section is expanded and displayed.

3. Click Appearance Condition, then click the arrow, and then click Never Show. The background remains displayed in the Label Editor.

4. Close the Label Editor and save your label.

The background is now not printed on labels printed using that template.