The Patient Medication Summary Report provides a summarised list of all medications the selected patient has been dispensed since a defined date. The report condenses all the times the drug was dispensed to the patient and displays it as one entry. 

This is useful when the patient requires a snapshot of their medication list, for example, when performing a Home Medication Review, or when visiting a hospital or specialist.

To run the report

From the Dispense Pro module:

1. Click the Reports menu, then click 3. Customers and select 9. Patient Medication Summary.

The Patient Medication Summary window is displayed.2. Enter the Name or code the patient you wish to report on and press [Tab]. The Customer Search Window may display, highlight the required patient and click Okay.

3. In the Drugs Dispensed Since field, enter the date you want to report from. All drugs dispensed after this date until the current date will be included in the report.

4. Check the Include Directions checkbox to include directions from the most recent supply.

5. Click the Sort by dropdown and select from

  • Drug name to sort the report by drug name alphabetically, or 
  • Last dispensed date, to sort by date with the most recently dispensed item listed first

6. Click OK to run the report.

The report is displayed.

a. Brand name of the dispensed item with the active ingredient following in brackets. If the drug has been dispensed to the patient multiple times using different brands, then the most recently dispensed brand name is displayed.

b. Quantity dispensed at the last dispensing.

c. Last time the medication was dispensed, i.e. the most recent dispense date

d. First time the medication was dispensed. Note: this is the first time in the patient’s medication history that the drug was supplied - this maybe prior to the date entered in the Drugs Dispensed Since field.

e. Number of times the drug was dispensed since the specified date entered in the Drugs Dispensed Since field.