New contact details can now be captured for a Nursing Home

When Active Script List (ASL) is available in Minfos, authorised Residential Aged Care Facilities (RACF) will be able to request prescriptions from resident’s My Script List (MySL) on behalf of the resident. To authorise the pharmacy access to a resident’s MySL, approval needs to be granted by the RACF representative via email or mobile. In preparation for ASL availability in Minfos, the email and mobile contact details for a RACF can now be added to a Nursing Home in Minfos.

For information on adding or updating a Nursing Home in Minfos refer to Set up Nursing Homes.

Improvements to the List of PDS Error Responses window 

Minfos has added new functionality to the List of PDS Error Responses window: 

  • The ability to resubmit a PDS error from the List of PDS Error Responses window, to assist with managing errors returned by Prescription Delivery Service (PDS) providers for dispensed ePrescriptions. 
  • A shortcut has been added to the Copy SCID option
  • The status of an eScript can be viewed with the View Token option
Note It is very important to ensure that all errors displayed in the List of PDS Error Responses window are actioned/corrected to ensure the eScript has been legally dispensed and that customers can get their repeat eScripts filled. 

For further information on these features refer to eScript PDS Errors.

Support Only – Resubmit script to PDS option on the Script Options menu 

When the Script Options menu is opened from some locations, e.g. the Script Enquiry window, you may notice a new menu item =. Resubmit PDS Transaction. This is a Minfos Support only function and cannot be used by the pharmacy independently of Support.


When selected a prompt will advise you that it is a restricted area. Click Cancel to close the prompt and return to the previous Minfos window.



For pharmacies with a Rowa dispensing robot – Minfos automatically adds new barcodes scanned when receiving stock to the Minfos Robot Drug List

Previously, when receiving stock via a Rowa dispensing robot if the scanned barcode was not a primary barcode or did not exist in the Minfos Robotics Drugs List Maintenance window a rejection would occur.

Now, if the product's barcode is listed in the stockcard, in Product Maintenance, Minfos will accept the new barcode and automatically add it to the Minfos Robotics Drugs List Maintenance window.

Robot Stock on Hand is now displayed in created orders 

You have told us that when creating an order it is helpful to know the quantity of stock held in the robot, as well as the Minfos SOH, to identify potential discrepancies between the robot and the Minfos stock count. Now, when an order is in a 'Created' status Minfos displays the robot stock on hand.

The new column, ROB SOH, will display in the Order Edit screen when:

  • You have an integrated dispensing robot using the Minfos interface type - stores using Gollman dispensing robots will not have visibility of the ROB SOH column.
  • The order is in a Created status. Issued, Received and Completed orders will not  display the ROB SOH column; however, Received and Completed orders will display the Robot Rec column (pharmacies with Rowa robots will display 0 in the Robot Rec column).

The value displayed in the ROB SOH column is the quantity of that drug held in the robot. When the drug is not stocked in the robot, the value will display as '0'.


Stock Manager

For TerryWhite Chemmart pharmacies – BuyBetter deal information in a created order is now updated when the buying deal changes or expires 

For TerryWhite Chemmart stores using the BuyBetter program, Minfos will now display the latest buying deal information for a created order. This provides Stock Controllers with better visibility on buying opportunities when an order has been generated, but not sent, prior to the deal changing. For example, if an order is generated on a Monday, but not sent that day, and products in that order have deals that expire on the Tuesday, when the order is viewed on the Wednesday the deal would now show as expired.

When you open an order with a status of 'Created' and buying deals for products in that order have changed or expired the Minfos Stock Manager prompt is displayed and notifies you that order quantities may require review.


It is important to review the quantities as Minfos generated the order using the buying deal information that was applicable at the point in time the order was created.

The following deal information is also updated or removed against affected products in the ordering table:

  • Every Day
  • Deal
  • COGS saved
  • % Saved
  • Deal details

This enhancement is only applicable to orders in a ‘Created’ status.

Purchaser information for PharmX orders is now captured when an order is transmitted 

To meet legislative requirements for some states, when an order is placed via PharmX Minfos now captures the clerk code for the person sending the order. It is now mandatory to enter your clerk code for any orders placed via PharmX.

To capture this information a new field, Clerk No., has been added to the Send Order window in Order Maintenance. The Stock Controller, or other personal who have authority to place orders on behalf of the pharmacy, will need to enter their clerk code into the Clerk No. field. This information is then provided to the supplier as part of the order request.

Note If your pharmacy runs dual businesses, please ensure the Clerk Codes are added to both businesses.

Refer to Transmit an Order for more information on transmitting orders.


Resolved Issues

Software Updates

1. Now when performing a software update Minfos will check to see if there are any active connections. If there are active connections, the software update will not occur. The End of Day will proceed as normal. 


1. Merging patients will now merge any Date Stamped Notes associated with the two profiles being merged.

2. When a new customer is added via an ePrescription, Minfos will automatically set the Medicare Card Number Consent field to ‘All Scripts'.

3. The Total Scripts dispensed information will no longer overlap with the previous patient in the Pharmacist Check screen.

4. The columns of the Script Enquiry report have been adjusted so it doesn’t print to the edge of the page.

5. Minfos will now cancel an eScript if it was deleted while Back Office Service Manager wasn’t running.

6. Dispense Labels scan be scanned after editing a script in the Pharmacist Check screen.

7. Prescriber information will now always prompt on the Dispense Form.

8. The special price will now be used when the drug is selected from the Generic Drug Listing window.

9. The Drugs Dispense Report will no longer crash when searching by name.

10. Patient Notes will now display in Script Editing Mode.

11. It is no longer possible to accidentally cancel downloading an eScript by pressing Enter or scanning a barcode in the Pharmacist Check screen. 

12. The Based on Last Cost value is now displayed correctly in the Private Pricing window when you change the Qty on the Dispense Form.

13. It is no longer possible to select a script at the Till while it is in the process of being charged to the Pill Box in Dispense.

14. Dispense will no longer incorrectly prompt to issue a Safety Net card to a White Repatriation or Centrelink Concessional patient when they are linked to a Safety Net Concessional (CN) patient. 

15. The Reg. # on the Dispense Form will now always display in full when a patient is selected on the Dispense Form. 

16. Cancelled eScripts will no longer be uploaded to My Health Records.

17. Opening the List of PDS Error Responses will no longer cause Minfos Dispense to crash.

18. Patients with a valid IHI number but an invalid Medicare number will no longer have scripts updated to My Health Records.

19. When downloading a script, Minfos will no longer prompt to update a patient’s Medicare number if the downloaded number is invalid.

20. When downloading an Authority script for a Gold Repatriation patient the correct price will now always be displayed on the Dispense Form.

21. When dispensing a script with multiple items, Minfos was not separating the scripts into individual files. This has now been changed so multiple items scripts will be generated as individual scripts.


1. Pharmacies using the Consis robotic integration will now be able to search by Generic on the Dispense Form.

2. Robotic dispensing will now be able to accept alternate barcodes if the main barcode in Minfos doesn’t match the barcode in the Robotic system.

Stock Manager

1. The Qty column is updated after saving a product in Order Maintenance.

2. The Totals column in an order with Buying Deals information will now always be displayed, including when Show Discount is selected. 

3. The Cost Comparison Report has been fixed and all pages will display correctly. 


1. The format of Interim Statements has improved so it no longer prints off the page. 


1. The End of Day process will unlock scripts if they are locked at the Till.

2. When an item with GST is dispensed and a discount is applied at the Till, the GST is now calculated on the discounted price.

3. The Due Date of a Hire transaction will now always print on the Till docket. 


1. The Till Exception Report will correctly report on transactions that required authorisation.

2. The Reportable Discounts Report has been updated so it is consistent with other Sales Reports.


1. Tier Pricing prices will no longer change automatically when you switch focus between screens.