Improved handling of private ePrescriptions where the drug cannot be found

Previously when a private ePrescription was dispensed but the prescribed drug could not be found in Minfos then nothing would display to notify you of the problem.  

We have improved this behaviour, Minfos now displays:

  • The eScript Details screen displaying the script details
  • The 'Drug Not Found' prompt

With this information, you are now aware of the issue and have the eScript Details so you can manually select the drug for dispensing. 

Refer to Dispense an eScript for more information.

Improved how non-standard prescribed quantities are handled for eScripts

Sometimes a prescriber may prescribe a quantity that does not equate to the Qty in Minfos. For Example : 1*30g for a cream which has a PBS dispensed quantity of 1 or 2*25 tablets instead of a total quantity dispensed of 50.

Minfos has improved how we handle these non-standard quantities:

  • On the eScript Details screen the prescribed quantity displays in the format it was prescribed 
  • Where the prescribed quantity contains a multiplier Minfos will perform the calculation and display this value in the Qty field. For example if the prescribed quantity is 2*25 the Qty field will populate ‘50’

Refer to Dispense an eScript for more information.

eQueue - Select the next basket to dispense

A new Dispense button is now available in the eQueue window that allows you to select a queued basket with eScripts from any position in the eQueue and quickly push the eScript to the Dispense form. This reduces the need to open the eScripts dialog and select the eScript to begin the dispense process.

To select an out of sequence basket with eScripts for dispensing:

1. Click the eQ icon or enter [.] in the surname field to open the eQueue.

2. Find and highlight the appropriate customer’s basket.

3. Click the Dispense button or press [Alt + .].

4. The first eScript in the customer’s basket will populate on the Dispense Form.

5. Dispense the eScript following your usual dispensing process.

6. If the basket contains multiple eScripts, select S. Same Customer from the Script Options window.

7. Press [ALT + .] to recall the customers next eScript queued.

For more information refer to Dispense from the eQueue

eQueue - New keyboard shortcut to open the eQueue window

A new keyboard shortcut is now available, [Alt + Shift + .], to open the eQueue window from any field on the Dispense Form. You can still click the icon, or enter [.] in the Surname field.

Refer to Managing the eQueue for more information.

Pharmacist Check screen - Claim rejection icon is now displayed

If a script has returned a PBS rejection code, this is now indicated on the Pharmacist Check screen.
 For a rejected script, the claim rejection icon ‘Err’ displays in front of the corresponding script helping you to easily identify an error that needs to be fixed.

The rejection can be viewed and fixed in the Pharmacist Check screen by highlighting the script and clicking the PBS Rejections button.

Refer to Pharmacist Check screen for more information.

Pharmacist Check screen - Last Disp column now displays the number of days since the same item was previously dispensed

The ‘Last Used’ column has been updated to ‘Last Disp’ and now displays the number of days since the medication was last dispensed to the patient rather than the previous date of supply. This removes the need to manually calculate how many days ago the patient was dispensed the item and assists with assessing compliance.

  • If it is the first time the medication is supplied then the field will not display a value
  • Where the number of days since last supplied is greater than 365 days then ‘>365 days' is displayed

Refer to Pharmacist Check screen for more information.

Pharmacist Check screen - Add items to an order via the ePad

The ePad option, also available from the Dispense Form and the Script Options window, is now available from the Pharmacist Check screen allowing you to quickly add items to a new or existing ePad order without having to navigate out of the screen. 

  • The item can be added to an ePad order by clicking the ePad button or using the handy keyboard shortcut [Alt + :]
  • Like from the Dispense Form, where a medication is in focus when ePad is selected the ePad – Add products to ePad order window will populate with that item. Where no medication is in focus, any product can be added to the ePad using the standard Minfos search options
  • Where an ePad order has been previously created for that day then products and quantities added via the Pharmacist Check screen ePad button, will be added to the existing ePad order
    • If that day’s ePad order is open in Order Maintenance then a prompt is displayed notifying you that the order is being edited and providing an option to create a new ePad order
    • Where there is no available ePad order to add the product to then a new ePad order will be created in Order Maintenance

Refer to Create orders with Minfos ePad for more information.

Consumer Medicines Information - Adobe update

Minfos uses Guildlink's CMI viewer to provide you with access CMI’s. We have updated the Adobe flash player so that CMI’s will use the latest Adobe (non-flash) component. Adobe will stop supporting and distributing Adobe Flash player after the 31/12/2020. Ensure you update to Minfos 6.1.2 prior to the end of the year to continue to have access to CMIs.



Robot Received column in Order Maintenance now only displays for Received and Completed Orders

For stores using Robotic dispensing, the ‘Robot Rec' column, which is used for quickly marking off ordered stock into the robot, is now only displayed for orders in a ‘Received’ or 'Completed’ status.



Improved reference number on the eQueue docket

We have increased the length of the reference number on the Customer Copy of the eQueue docket. This reduces the possibility of duplicated reference numbers.

For more information refer to eQueue Dockets.

eQueue - Generics options is set to Yes by default

Based on your feedback, we have updated the default selection of the 'Generics' option on the eQueue - Add to Queue form to 'Yes'. Having this option set to ‘Yes’ by default will save time when adding baskets to the eQueue.

Refer to Overview of the eQueue - Add to Queue form for more information.


Resolved Issues


1. Scripts will no longer be marked as Scan Check Exempt incorrectly.

2. The COVID-19 special authority code, E2020CV, will now be accepted via PBS Online without any rejections.

3. Entering a prescriber’s registration number with a leading ‘0’ will no longer duplicate the prescriber.

4. Improvements have been made to ensure the Patient’s Safety Net Contribution is always correct.

5. When 'Display Notes in Dispense when this customer is selected' is checked, the Notes will now always display in the Dispense Form when the customer is selected.

6. The Generic Drug Listing window will now only display the correct strength generic.

7. Improvements have been made to reduce eRx adapter time outs.

8. Minfos will now only show generics that are interchangeable for eScripts.

9. MediSecure scripts with no Manufacturer Code will now be treated as an Active Ingredient Prescribing scripts. This will allow for better drug matching in the Drug Recall Window. 

10. Print Token and Get Repeat on the Script Options menu are now available when an eScript with no repeats is deferred.


1. Customer’s discounts will now only be to promotional items if the Promotion has been set to Enable Manual Discount.