After Claim Form printing has been configured by Minfos Support, the fields to print on the Claim Form need to be enabled or reviewed.

From Dispense Pro:

1. Click the Maintenance menu and select G. Repeat Options.

The Repeat Print Options window is displayed.

2. Click Next twice, to display Repeat 3 settings.

3. Ensure the Claim Form fields are ticked. Setting different Row, Column, Width and Feature settings allows you to adjust the printing format. By default, the settings are set as per Minfos default template.

4. Click Okay to save.

Note Changing any settings in the Repeat Printing Options will affect how repeats print from ALL workstations. We recommend adjusting this configuration during a quiet period or outside of trading hours. Always take note of any settings before you change values, to ensure you can easily revert to your previous repeat settings.