You can create, edit and manage your tray foils using the Minfos Packing Label feature.

1. Click the Labels icon on the vertical ribbon.

The template list will display, showing all templates.

Minfos Packing includes two foil templates. Depending on your preferences, you can choose a template that will list drugs by either the brand name or the generic active ingredient (e.g. either Lipitor or Atorvastatin).

The active template displays a green “A” icon ( SNAGHTML10305b9b ) in the status column.

Note Only one template can be active at a time.


Creating templates

There are two ways that you can create templates. You can:

  • Use an existing template, and then edit the copy to suit your needs.
  • Create a new template from scratch. This method is suitable for advanced users.

1. Select a template and click the View Template button.

The Edit Template window displays.

2. Give the template a meaningful name, update the Description e.g. Store Template and click the Save Copy button.

The ‘’ icon indicates templates that are the original Minfos templates. This helps to identify locally created templates from the original template.

Your new template will display in the template list.

3. Select your template and click the Make Template Active button.

Your template will now display at the top of the template list and have an active status.

4. Select your template, click View Template, then click Launch Designer.

The design window will display.

Add a new field

A foil field is a detail on the foil, for example, a product name. Fields can be added, resized, moved and deleted.

There are two types of fields you can add to the foil:

  • Add a plain text field to add text that will display on all foils that are printed using the template.
  • Add a variable field to print information specific to an individual foil.

Add a plain text field

Plain text fields allow you to add text that will appear on all foils printed using that template.

To add a plain text field:

1. Use the Zoom in and Zoom out buttons to make positioning labels easier.

2. In the toolbar, click the Insert tab, then click Text.

3. Click and drag in a vacant space. The Edit Text window is displayed.

Tip To avoid accidentally selecting existing fields, create the field in vacant space before moving it into position.

4. In the text box, enter the text to add to the label in quotation marks.

Note If you do not enter the text in quotation marks, the text will not appear on the label.

5. Click OK. Your label will display.

6. Resize, move a field and format the text as required.

Add a variable field

1. On the right side Variables-/Field-List click Variables to expand the list.


2. Click BlisterPack to expand the list.

3. Click the relevant folder to display additional options.

4. Click and drag the relevant field onto the template and position as required.

Resize a field

  • To resize a field on the foil, click the field to highlight it, then click and drag a resize point.
  • Resizing the field does not change the size of the font. For instructions on formatting the font, refer to Format label text.
  • To resize the field proportionally, hold [Shift] while dragging the resize point.

Move a field

  • To move a label field, click and hold the field, then drag it to the desired position on the foil.

Delete a field

  • To delete a label field, click the label field to highlight it, then press [Delete]. The field is removed from the label.

Format label text

1. Click a field on the foil to highlight it.

The Text tab and toolbar are displayed.

2. Format the text using:

  • The functions in the Font and Alignment group box
  • The Font dialog

3. Click the “A“ button ( ) on the Font and Alignment group box.


4. Choose your desired font settings, then click OK.

The text in the field is changed according to your settings.

Note These functions are similar to the formatting functions found in Microsoft Word.

Saving Label Changes

1. Saving changes to the label template

  • Click the SNAGHTML4238eeb in the top right hand corner. You will be prompted to save your changes.
  • Click  SNAGHTML422e7c4 to save changes
  • Click the menu SNAGHTML4243a18 and select Save

2. Click Save Label Template to save the changes over the existing template or click Save Copy to create an exact copy of the template.

Setting the default printer

You can set a default foil printer for Blister packing.

To set up the printer:

1. From Dispense Pro, click the Maintenance menu and select F. Label Options

2. Click Cancel at the Labels Templates window to display the Labels Configuration window.

3. Click the Choose Label Type drop-down, select Medico Foil, and enter the Printer name.

4. Click Okay.