From the Dispense Form, the Script Enquiry window and Edit Claim window, any prescription with the icon, indicates it is an eScript.There is also dropdown filter in the Edit Claim window to display:

  • All scripts i.e. both paper and ePrescriptions. This option is selected by default
  • eScripts only
  • Paper scripts only

This filter can be useful if:

1. You sort your paper claim. The ‘eScripts only’ option can be selected to identify scripts that may appear as missing as there is no paper script but are in fact an ePrescription.

2. You use an online prescription storage system. You can use the ‘eScripts only’ option to identify scripts that have not been uploaded, as they are an ePrescription.

The Edit Claim window can be printed to assist with reconciling your claim or you could include a printed list of ePrescriptions with your paper claim for future reference.