If a regulatory body requests a copy of an eScript, from Dispense Pro

  1. Click the Reports menu, select 2. Scripts and then then select F. eScript Audit.
  2. Enter the Script Number for the prescription you require. The script number can be found on the Script Detail Enquiry screen.
  3. Select Okay
  4. A copy of the eScript is displayed
  5. Print or export the report in the requested format.

Note This is a technical report and should not be provided to a patient or other health provider. If they request a copy use the Copy of Script report, found under the Reports menu on Dispense Pro.

When printing a copy of an ePrescription dispensed in Minfos 6.0.2 onwards, the report will now display all requests and responses from the Prescription Delivery Services.

The copy of the ePrescription report will also indicate the time in time + time zone format. All eScripts dispensed in previous versions of Minfos use Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) format.