If a patient misplaces their token, the prescriber or any pharmacy that has made a supply of that eScript can reissue the token. The system will reissue the next available token. For example if an eScript has five repeats and Supply one was dispensed at Pharmacy A and Supply two was dispensed at Pharmacy B, the patient can go back to pharmacy A and ask them to reissue the token, which will give them the token for supply three. However, the patient cannot go into Pharmacy C and ask for the token to be reissued, as they have not dispensed a supply for that eScript.

To reissue a token, locate the script in the customer’s history that requires the repeat token:

1. From the Script Options window, select 2. Reissue Token.

The Reissue Token window is displayed. 

If the associated details are available, the Reissue Token window displays:

a. Option 1. Email on file.

b. Option 2. Email on the eScript.

c. Option 3. Mobile on file.

d. Option 4. Mobile on the eScript.

2. Use [Alt+number] to select the radio box for the requested reissue method or click with the mouse.

If none of the contact details displayed are correct, the patient’s correct details can be entered into option 2 or 4.

e. Click Update Customer to copy this across to the customer’s profile.

3. Click OK to reissue the token to the patient.

The Script Options window is re-displayed.