Scan checking can take place at any time after a prescription has been saved and processed. It can be performed from either the Script Options menu at the end of dispensing or from the Pharmacist Check screen in dispense form, which can be opened at any time by clicking Rx Check F11.

1. Open the Pharmacist Check screen. If the Pharmacist Check is opened from the:

  • Script Options screen the dispense label that was scanned to populate the screen is highlighted by default.
  • Dispense Form (Rx Check F11), scan the barcode on the dispense label to populate the screen. The scanned item will be highlighted.

2. Scan the barcode on the product associated with the scanned dispense label.

3. If the scanned product correctly matches the dispensed product, the drug scan check status will update and display the Script drug scan successful icon.

4. Scan the next dispense label barcode for the item that needs to be scan checked.

5. Minfos will highlight the script in the list and update the details on the screen.

6. Scan the correct product.

7. Repeat steps 1 and 3 for all items dispensed to the patient.

8. Click Close to close the Pharmacist Check screen.

  • If the scanned product does not match, the Scan Check Error is displayed and, if configured, an audible alert is played. Refer to Configuring Audible Dispense alerts for further information.


a. Press C to close the prompt or click Continue.

b. The item’s drug check status icon will update and display the Incorrect Scan Check icon.


To correct an incorrect scan check

a. If an incorrect product was scanned;

Scan the barcode on the dispense label again and then scan the barcode on the correct item. If the products match, the scan check status will update to successful.

b. If an incorrect product was dispensed;

Close Pharmacist Check screen. Edit the prescription, dispense the correct item and re-scan check to update the scan check status.

After a successful scan check, continue the scan check process for other prescriptions.

Scan Check Icons

The scan check icons display the scan check status of the prescription. These are explained in the following table:

Script was correctly scan checked after the script had been sold.
Script was correctly scan checked.
The script has not been scan checked. Until a scan check is attempted this is the default status of most scripts.
Script was incorrectly scan checked.
Scripts that are charged to Pill Box or Third Party packing are exempt from scan checking. These scripts will not count towards your reported scan check scanning rates.

 To view the meaning of the status of an icon refer to the Minfos Legend, by right clicking the mouse on the Pharmacist Check screen.

The scan check status of a script is displayed against the item in multiple screens across the Dispense module, including:

  • On the Dispense Form, when a patient is selected.
  • The Script Enquiry screen.
  • The Edit Claim window. 

Change customers in the Pharmacist Check screen

If all eligible scripts for the selected patient have NOT been scan checked, and the barcode of a dispense label for a different customer is scanned, Minfos will alert you to the change of customer.

1. Press ‘C’, Enter or click Continue to update the Pharmacist Check screen to the new customer and their scripts.

2. Press ‘Esc’ or click Cancel to return to the Pharmacist Check screen with the current customer still selected.

Note The prompt will not display if all eligible scripts have been scanned checked.

Edit a correctly scan checked prescription

If your edits to a script require a new dispense label to be printed you will need to perform the scan check process again, even if the script was correctly checked previously. This is to ensure the new label has been attached to the correct product.  

In Script Editing mode, after saving and processing a previously correctly scan checked prescription: The Script Print window is displayed.


1. If you would like to print the details, click Yes.

The scan check status will update to ‘Not Scanned’. The label and repeat (if applicable) will print.

2. Click Rx Check f11 and re-scan check the prescription.

3. If a new label and repeat are not required to be printed, press ‘N’.

The scan check status will not change.

Scan check multi-pack prescriptions

To scan check a prescription where multiple packs of the same drug are supplied, perform the same scan check process as you would with a single item. Note that only the scan check of the most recently scanned item is recorded against the prescription. Therefore, if an incorrect item is scanned, you should replace it with the correct item immediately, to ensure that only the correct items are given to the customer.

Scan check previously successfully checked prescriptions

You can re-scan check an item that is already marked as successful. The status of the last scan check performed is recorded against the prescription.

Scan check chemotherapy prescriptions

Please contact Minfos Support to discuss scan checking chemotherapy prescriptions.

Close the Pharmacist Check screen

When an attempt is made to close the screen and there are scripts displayed that have not been scan checked.

The Scan Check Warning prompt is displayed.


The prompt highlights a risk to the pharmacist that scripts may be supplied that have not been successfully scan-checked.