The Minfos Help Centre is not just for pharmacies. Partners and other organisations that are affiliated with, or support Minfos pharmacies, are also encouraged to utilise the Minfos Help Centre. 

Partners and other organisations may include: Group Support Offices, Hardware Vendors, Managing Accountants, Third Party Vendors, Pharmacy Services (i.e. eRx, PBS), Suppliers, and Universities or TAFE. 

As a partner, the Minfos Help Centre enables you to:

  • Submit a ticket to request support or information from Minfos
  • Submit tickets to request assistance on behalf of a Minfos store you are affiliated with
  • Enjoy shared visibility of tickets that involve a Minfos pharmacy and your partner business
  • Explore the available user documentation and user guides
  • Contact Minfos to request training
  • Submit product data to the Minfos Database team as a supplier


Create & activate your account

If you are a business known to Minfos, you may already have a Minfos Help Centre Account for you, and you will have received an activation email requiring you to follow a link to activate your account. To learn more and watch a demonstration video of the activation process, please refer to Activate Your Minfos Help Centre Account.

If you have not received an activation email, you can sign up to the Minfos Help Centre and create your own account. Please refer to Create a Minfos Help Centre Account for guidance.

Update your profile & password

Ensure you complete your account profile so that Minfos can easily contact you about your tickets and provide relevant information.

You are also able to update this in the future whenever any details change. Refer to Update Your Profile and Password for further information.

Submit tickets

After you have created and activated your account, you can submit a ticket through the Minfos Help Centre to request assistance from Minfos directly, or to request assistance on behalf of a Minfos pharmacy. 

Submit a ticket not specific to a pharmacy

To submit a ticket to request Minfos contact your business directly (and not on behalf of a Minfos pharmacy), please refer to Submit a Ticket  and View Your Tickets & Communicate With Minfos for guidance.

Submit a ticket on behalf of a pharmacy

One of the many benefits of the Minfos Help Centre is that you will retain visibility of the ticket you have submitted, any communications in that ticket and the status of the ticket - even if you have requested assistance on behalf of a Minfos store. This shared visibility of the ticket means that both partners and pharmacies can view the progress of a submitted ticket at any time. 

Please refer to Manage Tickets for Multiple Pharmacies and View Your Tickets & Communicate With Minfos for further guidance.

Find information

The Minfos Help Centre is home to a large number of solution articles and documentation. These articles, and the built in intuitive search function, make finding the information you need quick and painless.

To learn more about finding information in the Minfos Help Centre please refer to Search for Information in the Minfos Help Centre and Solution Article Features

Frequently visited areas that are particularly relevant to partners include:

  • Forms & Policies - the home of Minfos forms and policies
  • Technical Tips - including system requirements, software tips and maintenance information
  • Release notes - information about the latest enhancements and improvements in Minfos

Get in touch

If you have further questions or need assistance, please get in touch with Minfos.