Q. Why are some basket entries not automatically clearing from the eQueue?

A. If you select a basket entry from the eQueue with eScripts, but then do not dispense a script e.g. press F2 to clear the Dispense Form and then scan a token or prescription, the basket entry will remain in the eQueue and will need to be deleted manually. To avoid this from happening ensure you select your patients from the eQueue.


Q. When I select a patient from the eQueue the focus is in the drug field, how do I easily change the script date for a manual dispensing?

A. When you scan the paper prescription barcode the date will automatically update.

However, if you have to manually dispense the paper prescription, enter the date in the drug field in the following format ddmm and press [Tab], this will push the date up to the Rx Date field without having to [Shift + Tab] up to the date field and then [Tab] back to the Drug field.


Q. Can I put an eScript back into the eQueue?

A. Yes, if you have started the dispensing process for an eScript from the eQueue and you need to return it to the eQueue, press [F2] to clear the Dispense Form. The eScript will return the eQueue and be available to be dispensed from another workstation. Once an eScript has been dispensed, it cannot be put back into the eQueue.


Q. What does Externally Queued mean?

A. These are baskets added to the eQueue via a Third Party Application.