Minfos eQueue is the next evolution in your ePrescriptions workflow. You can still print paper tokens or dispense eScripts directly into Dispense, however now you have the option to supersede these processes with eQueue.

eQueue is designed to help you more effectively manage the growing number of eScripts and paper prescriptions within your existing workflow.

There are now four options on how pharmacists can manage their eScripts basket and dispense workflow. When you receive an ePrescription, you can choose to:

  1. Use eQueue to manage the dispense workflow electronically.
  2. Continue to use the existing ePrescription paper token workflow.
  3. Dispense eScripts directly into Dispense.
  4. Or use a combination of the above.

eQueue is built so that it works smoothly with your existing workflow, providing Pharmacists with increased flexibility. 

eQueue - Add to Queue form

a. Select CustomerManually select the name of the customer the script/s will be queued under
b. Number of Paper ScriptsTotal number of paper scripts the customer wants to be filled. eScripts will be counted separately

c. Scan Script Barcode


d. eScript display

Scan the customer’s eScript tokens into this field.

Minfos will download the script details and list them in the table below – displaying the name and medication of the script.

e. Concession No.

The concession number displays if the customer has one in their Customer Profile.

Note: updating/adding the number here will not be saved against the customer

f. MobileThis will populate with the details from the Customer Profile.
g. EmailThis will populate with the details from the Customer Profile.
h. Notes

Enter any comments for the dispensary. The notes will print on the Pharmacy Copy of the docket and can be viewed in the eQueue screen.

Note limit is 100 characters.

i. Waiting

Select this option if the customer is waiting for their script/s.

This option is selected by default.

j. C/Back
k. Return Date
l. Collect Time
Alternatively, if the customer is calling back for their script/s select C/Back. Enter the date and time the customer will return to collect their scripts.
m. Generics
n. PRF Stickers
o. CMI
p. Tax Inv/Receipt
q. Req. Pharmacist

Listed are commonly asked questions when scripts are taken in or requests made by the customer.

Select Yes if the customer requires any of these options.

Generics defaults to Yes, select No if the customer does not want Generics.

r. EnterClick Enter to queue the basket

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