To print a token from the till select the Token Scanner icon on the Till module or open the Minfos Till. 


1. Click Token Scanner. Clerk Code log in is not required to access the button.

The Token Scanner window is displayed.

2. Scan the patient’s token from their mobile device or enter the number manually, then click Print.

The Communicating Downloading E-Script window is displayed and the token will print to the docket printer.

3. If the patient has multiple tokens, continue to scan and print each token.

4. The Token Scanner window will remain open, until closed. Press [Esc] to close or leave open and use [Alt+Tab] to change focus between Till and the Token Scanner window.

Note If there is an issue with downloading the script, an error message will display informing you of the issue. Select 'OK' for the token to print displaying the message 'Script details not available' in place of the script details.