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Find Information

The Minfos Help Centre makes finding the information you need, when you need it, easier than ever before. You can even search the Help Centre without signing in. 

There are two ways you can search for information in the Minfos Help Centre:

  • Use the search bar to enter keywords
  • Click a category tile on the homepage (for example - Stock Manager), then select the sub-folder and view the articles within. 

Use the Search Bar

The search bar is the most efficient way to find a specific piece of information. 

You will find the search bar prominently positioned on the homepage:
and at the top of every page in the Minfos Help Centre:
To find information using the search bar:

1. Type search key words into the search bar. For example, if you need to find out how to import a minimum order quantity file, you might enter import minimum order quantity

2. As you enter your search terms, a drop down list will show articles that are relevant to your key words. The text to the right of the article title shows which folder the article belongs to. 

As you enter more key words the list will be refined and the most relevant articles show at the top of the list.
3. To view a specific article in the list simply click on the article title and the article will be displayed.

4. If you would rather view all search results before making a selection, press enter after typing your search terms.

5. The search results page will be displayed. Each result will show the article title, the folder the article belongs to, and the matching key words in the article.

6. If you are logged into the Minfos Help Centre you can toggle to view all search results, all solution article results, or tickets (logged by yourself) that match the search terms you have entered.

If you are not logged in you will see solution article results only. 

7. Click on a solution article title to view the article. 

Search by Category

While the search bar is the most efficient way to find specific information, searching by category is helpful when you want to see the information that is available on a broader topic. 

For example, if you would like to know more about Centralised Ordering you may wish to browse all of the information available on that topic.

To browse by category:

1. From the homepage, select the category you are interested in under the Solutions section. Click the View all topics button or the Solutions tab at the top of the page to select from the full category list. 2. After you have selected a category, the folders within this category are displayed.

3. Click on a folder to view the articles within that folder.

4. Click on an article title to read the article.

5. You can also view the contents of other categories and sub-folders by using the navigation panel on the left of the screen.

  1. Click on a category
  2. Select a folder from within that category
  3. Select an article from the list

Refer to Solution article features to learn about the features within each solution article.