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To submit a ticket for assistance, please follow the below steps.

1. Ensure you are signed into the Minfos Help Centre.

2. At the top of the screen, click Tickets. 

3. Select New ticket from the drop-down.

The Submit a ticket form displays.

4. Your email will be prefilled.

5. In the Subject section, enter a brief description of your issue. 

To enable Minfos to respond and resolve your issue as quickly as possible, please specify the module affected by the issue, and what is occurring including an error codes or messages that are displayed.

Please see the examples below for guidance.

Situation: You have a PBS rejection you need assistance with.
Ideal Subject: Dispense - PBS Rejection Error 699

Situation: You use DoseAid packing and it is crashing when you open the profile of any patient on any computer.
Ideal Subject: Packing (DoseAid) - crashes when any patient profile is opened (all computers). 

Situation: A front-of-shop item keeps appearing when you generate a Dispensary order.
Ideal Subject: Stock Manager - Ordering - MNPN 142658 (Optifast) generates on the Dispensary order.

6. As you enter the Subject you may see a list of suggested solutions to the right of the ticket form. These solutions are generated from the keywords you enter in the Subject field.
Click to the view the solution.

After reading the article press back on your browser to view the ticket form. Continue logging the ticket, or click Cancel if the suggested solution has fixed the issue. 

7. Enter a description of the issue. This is where you can provide further details about the issue you require assistance with.

Key information to provide in this section includes:

  • Your current Minfos software version (for example- Version 6.0.2)
  • Time and frequency of the issue
  • What causes or happens before the issue occurs
  • Any related issues (for example, network/internet problems)
  • If you have upgraded to replaced any workstations or devices recently
  • Impact of the issue (what are you unable to do/complete)
  • Any error codes or messages that appear
  • If the issue is related to a specific supplier, product or order, please provide relevant details

8. Attach a file. Here you can attach further information specific to the issue. 

These may include:

  • Screenshots of error messages
  • Short recordings of issue
  • Invoices
  • Photos

9. Enter the name of the person who Minfos should contact about this issue and the best phone number to reach them on.

10. Once you have completed the fields required, click Submit to log your ticket.

Submitting a clear and accurate support ticket assists the Minfos support team in pinpointing the issue you have encountered, which can drastically reduce the time to resolution. Detailed, clearly-written tickets can be addressed more quickly and efficiently than those which are unclear or lack the necessary information.