This report displays a list of the DAAs that were provided within a specified date range, eliminating the need to keep a manual record and assisting in making the claim process more efficient.

Note The report will only start collating data from the time that you update to Minfos 5.5.1, e.g. the report cannot be run for periods before that date.

1. Click the Reports tab, select DAA Claim: Service Details and click the View Report button.

 The DAA Claim Report dialog is displayed.

 By default, the From and To dates will display the last full month, i.e. the month you should be claiming for.


 2. Click the Run Report button. The report will print.


The report displays the following information:

a. The Customer Identifier which is the patient's Medicare/DVA Card Number.

b. The Date of Provision of the DAA.

Note The report captures all DAAs that have a start date within the specified period. The claim form should be reviewed before submitting to ensure all patients are eligible for claiming and no duplicate claims are present.