The Special Access Scheme (SAS) allows certain health practitioners to access therapeutic goods (such as medicines, medical devices or biologicals) that are not included in the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods (ARTG) for a single patient. Therapeutic goods that are not included in the ARTG (and are not otherwise exempt from being in the ARTG) are described by the TGA as 'unapproved'.

SAS drugs are not entered in Minfos by the Minfos Master Database Team as they are unapproved. These drugs will need to be added as a local product.

Please refer to the TGA website for further information about the Special Access Scheme.

Manage SAS Drugs in Minfos

1. If the drug is not in your database, add the product as a local product. Please refer to Add local products into Minfos - Overview for guidance. 

Note: If you are part of a Multi-Store, please contact your Head Office before adding the product.

2. Ensure the product you have added is marked as dispensable. Refer to Mark Products as Dispensable.

3. Dispense the script as Private. SAS drugs are not available on the PBS.