Minfos Calendar can be used to record notes against dates and can help team members to communicate key information like Owing reminders, HMR’s bookings, ordering information or bookings with company representatives.

Video Demonstration

Step by Step Instructions

The Minfos Calendar is accessible from several locations in both Dispense and Stock Manager:

Accessing the Calendar

  • When Dispense Pro or Stock Manager is launched, the calendar will automatically display if there are notes for that day. 
  • To access the Calendar from the Dispense Pro module click the Calendar icon, or select B. Calendar from the File menu
  • To open the Calendar from the Dispense Form press [Alt + Shift + 1]
  • To access the Calendar from the Stock Manager module click the Calendar icon, or select H. Calendar from the File menu
  • To open the Calendar from Order Maintenance, Order Editing or Product Maintenance press [Alt + Shift + 1]



1. Date Picker

Use the date picker to select a date and view the notes for that date

  • Calendar dates that contain notes are shown in bold
  • Selected dates are shaded.
  • The current date is surrounded with the  https://s3-ap-southeast-2.amazonaws.com/aus-cdn.freshdesk.com/data/helpdesk/attachments/production/51006664312/original/VjpQ6lgnV4iJ5wg2-uQ9s6LTBlBHdF-WFQ.png?1599104588 icon.

2. General Notes

The general note section always displays.

3. Dispense Pro or Stock Manager notes

The lower space has tabs for notes specific to Dispense Pro and Stock Manager. If there is a note entry for the current day, the calendar will display automatically when you open these modules. The Calendar will default to the correlating tab, depending on the module you accessed the calendar from.

Notes in all spaces can be deleted by selecting the text and pressing [Delete]

4. Today

Click the Today button to select todays date.

5. Print

Click the Print button to print the notes:

You can:

  • Set the date range of the notes to be printed.
  • Select the note space to be printed.  Select from General, Dispense Pro or Stock Manager.

6. Save

Click the Save button to save your notes. If you try to select another date before saving, you will be prompted to save before the next date is displayed.

7. Cancel

Click Cancel to close the Calendar. If you have unsaved notes, you will be prompted to save.