There are two prerequisites that you must ensure are correctly set up before using Continued Dispensing. Please refer to the articles below for further guidance.

  1. Set up print options for Continued Dispensing Repeat forms
  2. Set up Pharmacist as Prescriber for Continued Dispensing

Video demonstration

Step by step instructions

To dispense a drug as a Continued Dispensing supply:

1. On the Dispense Form select the required customer.

2. In the Drug textbox, enter the name of the required drug, then press [Tab].

The Drug Recall Window is displayed, showing the closest matching drug.Drugs that are eligible for Continued Dispensing are marked with the C symbol, Continued Dispensing marker.png

3. Select the required drug, then click Okay, or press [Enter].

The Dispense form is displayed, and the selected drug populates the Drug textbox.

4. In the Doctor field enter the pharmacist’s code or full AHPRA registration code, then press [Tab].

The Continued Dispensing prompt is displayed.5. Click Yes to dispense the selected drug as a Continued Dispensing supply. A continued Dispensing supply of a particular drug can only be dispensed to the same customer once in a year.

If the below WARNING prompt is displayed, this means that dispensing this drug in this situation is not covered by the guidelines for the Continued Dispensing initiative.

 You can:

  • Click No, to abandon the Continued Dispensing supply, and to return to the Dispense window.
  • Click Yes to continue dispensing if you believe the script has not been dispensed under the Continued Supply Initiative within the last 12 months. This may result in a PBS rejection.

Because the supply is now a Continued Dispensing supply, the Repeats and Times Dispensed textboxes are disabled.6. Check the appropriate script details and press [Enter] to save and process the script.

The Usual Prescriber Details prompt is displayed.

7. In the Doctor textbox, enter the code of the customer’s most recent prescriber, then click OK.

Alternatively, leave the Doctor textbox blank, to handwrite the doctor’s details on the notification form, then click OK.

8. Click OK, to save this doctor as your customer’s usual prescriber and process the script.

The modified Repeat Authorisation form, the Consumer Declaration and Prescriber Notification form are printed.

9. Fill out and send the Consumer Declaration and Prescriber Notification form to the customer’s doctor, in line with current legislation.

 10. File the modified Repeat Authorisation form according to your pharmacy’s procedures for claiming.

Dispense Authority prescriptions as Continued Dispensing supply

Authority required PBS Prescriptions

Continued Dispensing of authority items does not require an authority prescription number. Minfos has pre-populated the Authority Number field with ‘00000011’ to pass validation checks.

1. Dispense an authority drug as a Continued Dispensing supply.

2. Click Okay or press [Enter] to save and process the script.

The Authority Number field, will be auto-populated by Minfos with 00000011.

3. Leave the default value as is and click Okay to complete dispensing.

 Authority required (Streamlined) PBS Prescriptions

To dispense Streamlined Authority items, you will need to enter one of valid codes displayed on the Enter Streamlined Code screen. 

1. Dispense a streamlined authority drug as a Continued Dispensing supply.

2. Click Okay or press [Enter] to save and process the script.

3. Enter one of the codes displayed under Current Valid Codes into the Enter Streamlined Code field.


4. Click Okay.

The Authority Number field will have populated with 00000011.

5. Click Okay to complete dispensing.